Our process to find the
right Talent for you

Diagnosis of your business

Careful evaluation of your:

  • 01. Nature of business
  • 02. Scale of operation
  • 03. Industry
  • 04. Culture Mix
Analysing your requirements

Learning the specifications of your:

  • 01. Open roles
  • 02. Optimal qualifications
  • 03. Team

Identifying potential hires using:

  • 01. Our expansive pool of 200k+ candidates
  • 02. AI matching algorithms
  • 03. Thorough background check

Curating candidates through:

  • 01. Smart filter tools
  • 02. Criteria comparison
  • 03. Thorough background check
Candidate Assessment

Assessing curated candidates

  • 01. Video interviews
  • 02. Skill-tests
  • 03. Augmented intelligence

Placement of selected candidates

  • 01. Documentation assistance
  • 02. Travel & accomodation facilitation
  • 03. Best-suited hybrid location
Follow up

Regular monitoring and improvement with:

  • 01. Consistent team communication
  • 02. Performance management tools
  • 03. Training & Coaching

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Our Products

Yielding Better Hires

Reinventing Recruitment

Our dedicated Talent Acquisition team works with you to help you make diverse yet flexible teams by hiring trusted talent to build faster solutions and transform your business. The professionals we help you hire are available for on-site or remote work all over the country.

Tell us your resource requirement below to get a call from our talent executive:

Hire Smart Freelance Talent

Hire freelancers for your next project in 4 simple steps:

1. Post A Job

Define your service requirements, scope of work and the budget.

2. Get Quotes

Receive quotes from various experts willing to take on the job you posted; explore their profiles and portfolios.

3. Chat With Experts

Get in touch with experts who fit your criteria and communicate with them over video/audio calls to negotiate finer aspects.

4. Get Started

Get your project underway with an expert of your choice who fits your budget as well - we ’ ve helped get over 2500 jobs done.

Building teams from scratch

Using cutting edge data analytic tools and AI, we are going to not just design but also source full-fledged teams for your processes, product or project.

And trust us, we make it as simple (for you) as we sound. We listen, understand, take action and achieve.

Yielding Happier Candidates

Find Your Dream Freelance Project

Experience never goes out of fashion.

And it’s time for you to tell that to the world.

Are you on a constant lookout for freelance work that’ s fulfilling, rewarding and aligned to your aspirations? Is your work your medium to inspire your community?

Then you are at the right place!

Taxolawgy is a platform where talent is rewarded with better pay and lucrative career prospects. We connect you with the best opportunities in the job market and let you explore ways to earn in your respective field.

Your Job Search Ends Here

We know the importance of job satisfaction which is why we thoroughly brief you prior to the interview, providing you with the in-depth job description, company growth graph and the tools you will need to master.

In our blog section, you can find guides, tutorials, latest tools features, and insights relevant to your industry to help you grow along the way.

Lastly, we’ll keep you informed throughout the process, and will try our best to get detailed client feedback after your interview.

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Why us

Personalised approach

We craft our strategy and customise our solution based on your business needs.

Vast database

Don’t let our awesome talent pool of 15000+ professionals slip away from your fingers.

Reduce risk of attrition

Our sharp AI-based algorithms and deep-dive process save you from the risks of mishire and misfire.


Our great track record of client satisfaction is driven by far-reaching communication and skill-matching.

Shorter turnaround time

We respect your deadlines and don’t believe in wasting your time.

Candidate assessment

In our pursuit of yielding better hires and happier candidates, we go through an in-depth candidate assessment through skill tests, multiple rounds of interviews and job simulations. Our AI-based algorithms are focused on sharp skill-matching to the highest standards.

Be it fitting candidates into our client’s schedule or establishing a repeatable source-to-nurture process to save time, we continue to introduce latest innovations to our process to swap the standard operating procedures with the new & advanced way of recruiting.

Some of our clients

Having now spent 18 years in the industry working with primarily Blue Chip clients helping them combat the war for talent, we are proud to work with some of the following Brands:

Hire Better. Hire Faster

We understand that nothing about your journey has been ordinary, so why settle on average talent?

Leave your hiring challenges to us. And we’ll make sure that no stone is unturned while we work to strategically solve your ‘people problems’ and deliver solutions that future proof your organisation.