5 Reasons to Hire a freelancer for the best digital marketing campaign

What is digital marketing?

Before doing the best digital marketing campaign, you need to know about its content. Digital marketing is basically marketing that is based on digital technologies that emerged over the last two decades. These include the internet, computers, and mobile phones. Ever since the dot com boom, old school marketing has progressively lost ground to digital marketing. Each year, there is an ever-increasing incidence of companies turning toward digital channels to promote themselves. Meanwhile, print and regular marketing channels have not seen that sort of exponential growth. Hiring an entire team to run an in-house digital marketing campaign might be prohibitively expensive. A freelance team could do the same job for you at a fraction of the price. Let us take a closer look at how this is possible.

Disadvantages of hiring a team

There is no doubt that digital technologies have changed the face of the marketing industry. Traditional hiring practices to are set to undergo a marked transformation with the emergence of a vibrant freelancing industry. According to an estimate by Peerism, freelancers could represent 80% of the global workforce by 2030. The reasons for a bleak outlook as far as traditional hiring practices are concerned are quite clear. They are cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming. Let us delve a bit deeper into these reasons. 

Too cumbersome

To run a digital marketing campaign in-house, you will need to hire a range of talents. A marketing specialist, a social media marketer, a graphic designer, and a content writer should get you started. They then have to work together as a team to produce the campaign exactly the way you envisioned it. Just having a team this big will present problems of its own – ‘where do you house them?’, ‘will they gel well with each other?’, ‘how can you ensure that productivity across the team remains high?’ and so on. Even successfully run digital marketing teams eventually become unwieldy for a small firm. 


They are also expensive to maintain. According to Harver.com, the average cost-per-hire in the United States was $4,129 in 2017, meaning that on average a company spent that amount hiring each of its employees. Apart from hiring costs, as a business owner, you will incur further expenses. Training, paid leave, insurance and other such benefits which might be mandatory will add to the expenses. You will also incur costs on infrastructure and workplace integration. 

Time consuming

The entire process can also be extremely time-consuming. It is estimated that a new hire will function at only 25% productivity during the first month. It might take over three months to reach the optimal level of productivity after being hired. This is just the learning curve and the time taken by a new hire to adjust to their new workplace. A lot goes on behind the scenes even for that employee to be hired. According to Jobvite’s 2018 Recruiting Benchmark Report, it took an average of 38 days to hire an employee.

The Benefits of hiring a best digital marketing campaign

Considering the many disadvantages of hiring a regular in-house team to conduct your digital marketing activities, it makes great sense to look at why a freelance team might be good for you. For each of the issues mentioned above, you will find a benefit when you switch to the freelance industry.  Here are 5 reasons why you will be better off with a freelance team –

best digital marketing campaign
Best digital marketing campaign

1. Hire and fire

You’re at complete liberty to hire fresh talent, or to let go of people on your payroll currently with immediate effect. Freelancers are not subject to lengthy hiring procedures or notice periods. This gives you the wonderful ability to upscale or downscale your team as and when the need arises. All the while, your costs are down to a minimum. Let us say you need to revive your company’s social media accounts. You could get visible results by just hiring a social media manager with some demonstrable graphic design and content writing skills. If you feel you would like a whole different level of engagement, you could perhaps hire a designer and a content writer to go with the social media manager. 

2. No need for training for a digital marketing campaign

You do not have to worry about training your staff because freelancers already possess the skills that you need. You’ll be saving on training costs, as well as time spent on training your employees. Let us say you needed a particular design skill set to work on a particular software (Adobe Lightroom, for example). You would not need to hire a designer, put them through a training course and then wait for them to develop skills in the Adobe Lightroom. You’d just hire a designer with expertise in lightroom, who would be able to begin working on your job from the very first hour.

3. No employee benefits

You won’t be spending on additional expenses or employee benefits or paid leave or insurance on a freelancer as you would with a full-time hire. Apart from the salary, you pay an in-house employee, these additional benefits and miscellaneous expenses can quickly add up to quite a daunting number. With a freelancer, however, you are only paying for the hours they spend working on your project, and only for the amount of work completed. 

4. At least 50% cheaper

Freelancers tend to be significantly cheaper than full-time employees. Considering the costs of recruitment, training, taxes, employee benefits, vacations, meetings, distractions, office space, and equipment, freelancers are much cheaper. According to Huffington Post, the average cost of an employee to the employer is between 1.3 to 1.6 times their base salary. Instead, you could be paying on a per hour or a per-project basis if you choose to work with a freelancer. 

5. Work is channelized and completed faster

When working with a large team as mentioned earlier in this piece, a lot of time is invariably spent channeling work. Much time is spent creating standard operating procedures and ensuring that processes are followed correctly. With a freelance team, however, there is no need to create frameworks around how work processes should unfold. Each freelancer is by default managing their own workflow and will report their progress in a pre-defined manner. This system will help maintain a clear channelized approach and get work completed faster.

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