For several years Google AdSense on google ad network has been the only alternative for bloggers who want to make a profit from advertising blogs. 

Nearly every single popular publisher employs or at least begins with AdSense and switches to Ad Exchange. Although AdSense is certainly the biggest name in advertisement play, it’s far from being the only choice. 

Looking for something to substitute AdSense entirely? There are many tools that you can find to use for advertising!


If you want to raise a little extra money from your blog, you could think about putting ads on your site. 

To do this, you’ll have a network of google ads — a service that links online marketers with website adverts. 

Google’s advertising platform “AdSense” was introduced in mid-2003 and is one of the web’s most successful marketing programs. It offers enough resources, from webmasters to publishers, to advertise their traffic very effectively.

Google also gives marketers and publishers a high degree of protection and disclosure. It’s the internet’s most successful pay-per-click (PPC) application, discoverable on more than 10 million websites!

AdSense is flexible, dependable, and gives publishers a reasonable share of tap-generated revenue. Every day it blocks thousands of accounts either because they didn’t fit Google’s rules, or because they violated a few of Google’s Terms of Service.



Many relate to as the best alternative for AdSense and the market’s highest payment option. is a Yahoo and Bing immediate AdSense player in the market. It is one of the biggest contextual ad networks worldwide and among the fastest-growing context ad networks in the world with a large number of leading publishers, such as Forbes, ELLE, Reuters, and Good Housekeeping.

Also, the ad categories are similar to AdSense, so you will get consent in no time if you have a high-quality website.  They use a blend of native ads, display ads, and pop-up ads to provide users with a fresh as possible experience. 

Like AdSense, your custom ads can be created or can determine the sizes which will give you the best results.


Over 2000 online publishers in 128 countries receive guidance by Info-links and are a substitute for Google AdSense. Presently, their ad network includes 240 million unique users and 1.5 billion monthly ads and the third-largest in the ad industry. 

Infolink’s’ main ad-type is their ad-links in a sentence. Gives aggressive as well as unfussy ad type ways to help you advertise your site. If a visitor scrolls through one of the words, an ad appears which contains a word-related ad.

Info link contains a bar at the bottom of the page which showcases its contents when a user moves the cursor over it. Info link could advertise any blog, whether old or new. 

No configuration fee and no minimum page view specifications are applicable. Info link which uses native ads mixes flawlessly with all the other ad designs with no user hazards. 

Every product is meticulously tailored with the successful video & context ad or highly interactive display placards. Not a surprise they work with giants like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Hyundai, and Pizza Hut.

In-text Ads can be a bit glitchy and annoying and if Info link thinks it is thin on quality and content, it would not endorse a website.


Because of their innovative technology Propeller Ads is one of the highest performing advertising networks. The separate filling rate for countries Tier 2-3 like India, Singapore, etc.

With sites, notably video or film, entertainment, computer software, games, dating, and finances, under one of these niche areas; They offer exemplary pop-under ads, and are considered to be networking giants. They also offer publishers sliders, targeted ads, and other display ads. 

Also, Propeller Ads provides mobile applications and sites. It’s simple to use the self-serve system with a streamlined ad creator that enables you to get your advertisements live with minimal trouble. 

It is also equipped with automated ad modelling and Many targeting choices and real-time evaluation of the performance where AI setup is adjusted, which gives you without manual efforts the best sales with each ad.


SkimLinks is a platform focusing solely largely on marketing affiliates. You wouldn’t have to work with a lot of different programs because it has so many affiliate sellers in its network. 

SkimLinks has handled you whether you are an Amazon affiliate or working with another program.  The firm is partnering with over 50 networks, gives you instant access to more than 48,000 e-commerce dealers. 

SkimLinks transforms your external links into affiliate links, and when a sale occurs, you generate income. With SkimLinks, you may end up making ten times your current earnings, as they reimburse for affiliate sales and just not clicks. 

SkimLinks optimizes your content for commercial affiliation. With affiliate links, this platform can improve all of your business strategies including blogs, mobile, social media, and e-mail. 

SkimLinks is collaborating with more than 60K publishers like Dotdash and Daily Mail. It usually works with bloggers who generate business content and reviews of products.


People heard about Amazon but have you been aware of its display ads program? To see an Amazon advertising program identified as an “AdSense alternative” of google network ads. It may come as a little shock to many. In 2019, they were amongst the most famous site revenue generation options among bloggers. 

It was just the Amazon Affiliate program until lately. With Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM ads, they’re a great option for users searching for anything but AdSense. 

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are personalized, displaying specific items based on the content of the page and the keywords. If after clicking on the ad, a customer goes on to make the purchase, you get a commission from this purchase. 

If you plan to use Amazon Associates, please ensure you are comfortable with all of the rules, as Amazon Associates is far more restrictive than most other affiliate programs.

You may not have been accepted for AdSense or you are busy fighting for an invalid click operation account ban, or you may want to fill up your ad stack to boost revenue. 

Publishers are searching for alternatives to Google AdSense or google ad networks during their ad-monetization journey. 

And therefore, the industry is not struggling to deliver exactly what the publisher needs. AdSense may be the dominant player but there are several rivals and alternatives to Google AdSense. These opposing players can also offer strong eCPMs and boost ad revenue.

Don’t compromise for the first one you try when selecting the advertising network. Assess at least a variety of options over time. Decide which ones will yield the most passive revenue for you without obstructing the user experience.