The Best Design Software for Logo

No wonder logos have been for so long serving as a company’s visual identity in the market. Research shows that a colorful and quirky logo helps your company stand out by improving brand recognition by 80%. Therefore, every brand needs a catchy logo that draws the attention of consumers for which one need best design software.

These days markets are flooding with innumerable logo design software which can be overwhelming for you. However, you need to be picky in making a choice of the software you desire to work on.

Top 4 best design software choices for logo designing

Since everyone desires to use the best, here is a list of top 4 picks of the best logo design software available for you.

1.      Adobe Illustrator

Launched in 1986,the vector-based creative program of Illustrator serves as the best graphic design software when it comes to designing. The unique design of Adobe Illustrator can be used to make any sort of designs- from business logos to detailed illustration to animated concepts.

The Adobe Illustrator uses algorithms to draw shapes. This enables the vector graphics to be scaled to any size without losing their quality. Illustrator can also scan important images. This is a wonderful feature because if you have sketched your idea on a paper you can simply import it and use it on illustrator. Illustrator also provides access to a number of fonts ranging from fun to professional.

This user friendly interface costs you $30.99 per month. However, the money is worth the results.

2.      Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop offers plenty of design features making it the best design software for logo sketching. Its ability of handling digital painting, video and 3D imaging has helped it earn its reputation.

Considered to be the best for beginning your logo design process, Photoshop gives you a platform to create advanced level visuals. It is an excellent software for graphic design if you desire to practice freehand logo sketching. It has a number of brushes for sketching and drawing.

If you wish to take up designing seriously then Photoshop is meant for you. And its integration programs add further to its pros.

3.      Canva

The easy and straightforward to use feature of Canva adds it to the list of best logo designing software. Also, Canva does not charge you many of the times, hence it is considered to be the best priced logo design software.

Canva has preset sizes and templates. Users can enter their business name, type and choose five templates and it automatically creates a sample logo. There is also a feature where users can easily rearrange elements like fonts and icons. You can also change templates by using this drag-and-drop design tool. Canva gives its users a headstart with its unique colour and font combinations.

4.      Affinity Designer

This vector graphic design program is perfect for professional designers and artists. It helps you in creating accurate curves using its beautiful colours and shapes.

Affinity Designer offers a modern and intuitive platform for both budding designers and the pros of  designing. Its features like advanced zooming features and access to dynamic symbols make it a popular choice among designers.

The Affinity Designer with its flexible guides and snapping options can also be used for creating UI, building a website and even designing apps. These are the most used and appreciated software of 2020 for logo designing. Choose from a large range of such logo design software and create number of designs.