Things to Consider Before Bidding On a Project

For many freelancers, one of the challenging things they face is landing on new projects. Especially to bid proposals in freelance work. Wining a project involves a lot of bidding which can be a bit tiring. Due to such frustrations, you find that some freelancers end up biding without a thorough analysis of the project. Hence, one requires tips for winning projects. Analysis of bidding on a project is to determine whether it fits the skills and abilities that one has.

To decide on bidding or not bidding, there are several things to consider to meet both short and long-term personal goals.

Bidding On a Project
Things to Consider Before Bidding On a Project

Tips for Bidding On a Project

Never bid proposal in freelance work or a project before going through the contents of the description. Through the project description, you get a rough idea of what the clients want. Reading through enables you to internalize the instructions and requirements of the project. The key secret of having a better performance in any project is by understanding its requirements. Once you have done that you can now continue on bidding, with that you are certain to deliver an outstanding job that will enable you to have more reviews and recommendations.

Employer’s Background

Be keen on who is hiring, before you decide on this go through the employer’s profile. It is on the profile that you get to know more about the employer’s background before committing yourself to the task. The important things to check are reviews and ratings. An employer with higher ratings is worth working with.

Bid Proposal in freelance

It is a great aspect to be mindful of before you bid on any project. Do not copy-paste a proposal from anywhere without consideration of what the project entails. If you want you’re bidding process to be successful, you need to have a customized proposal for every project. The tendency of an employer to pay attention to your proposal is higher when you have outlined everything that his or her project needs. Try as much as possible to write an inviting bid proposal in freelance or any kind of work.

Bidding On a Project Amount

One of the biggest mistakes that freelancers make is bidding on a project with a specific budget exclusive of the project fee. When bidding you must consider the project fee so that you maximize your revenues. Under or overcharging the client may cost you as a freelancer. Once awarded the project it might be difficult to start changing the amount as this may lead to having a negative review if the client becomes uncomfortable with it. You need to be clear about your terms to avoid confusion.


Once the bidding is over, don’t be in a rush to go offline as this might be the perfect time for employers to respond. Some employers respond within minutes, hours and others might take days. To avoid missing any opportunity of talking to a client, you have to stay online. The more the clients respond to your proposal the higher the chances of landing on a new project.

Historical Analysis

When bidding, one thing that comes to mind is either winning or losing the bid. Basing on previous bids records you can simply be able to analyze ones that you have successfully win and those you didn’t. Through experience and analysis try to sum up why you won a certain bid and why you lost the other one. You might realize that there are bids that you over-performed and others you underperformed. Improving the areas of underperformance may help you to win more bids in the future. Analyzing historical data based on merit is one way of managing your bidding process going forward.

Bidding On a Project Capability

Before you bid proposal in freelance on any project ensure that you have the manpower, time, and resources to do it perfectly. Besides being awarded the project and make money, one big question you need to answer is if you can do the work. Professionalism, quality, and timely delivery are major resources that you need to have. Knowing your limits based on skills will enable you to avoid overworking and poor performance.

Long Term Strategy

Any project that does not fit your long-term strategy and objective is not worth bidding for. At all times you need to bid on a project that aligns with the long-term goals that you have. These goals might be expansion, growth, privacy among others.

Tips for winning projects Assessment

Every project has its benefits and risks. Some have high risks and others have lower risks and as a freelancer, you need to carefully review the project before bidding. Through the review, it is easy to identify the potential risks each project might have. Although the high risks project has better returns, always be careful with them, or else you consider the next opportunity.

Your hunt for a new job online can be fun and adventurous if you have tips on how to make successful bidding. Considering the above-mentioned ways and tips for winning projects, you can now be ready to make more informed and smart decisions.