Aware India

Roots of Injustice Lie In IGNORANCE!

I bet if you put on any news channel or open any newspaper and do not find news of Violence, Rape, Murder, Atrocity, or any other form of Injustice as breaking news or on the front page. At least I haven’t for a long time now. After the public outrage over Nirbhaya case one must have thought there will be reduction in such heinous crimes, but the fact is they have not only become more dreadful but also rampant. Crimes today are happening all around us and in our neighbourhoods. It’s our new reality.

Majority of us just blame the system or complain about the lack of proper arrangements. However, the real question is, how well do we know the system? The real problem is not lack of solutions, but our ignorance of the same.

  • A widow dies of hunger because she doesn’t know her rights on her husband’s pension or her right to receive free food under government schemes.
  • Old parents get beaten by their children, their properties taken away and left homeless and helpless cause of ignorance of their rights and legal action they can take.
  • A mother teaches her daughters to accept marital rape as husband’s right and consider domestic violence as part of life and culture. She is pressurized not to seek justice just to avoid social stigma and boycott.
  • Hotels and Multiplexes exploit the masses by imposing high service charges as the general public are utterly ignorant of their consumer rights.
  • Government agencies and authorities pressurize and exploit businessmen and public alike. Corruption is accepted as a norm today. The common man is left helpless and speechless. The fear of law enforcing agencies weigh more than the law itself, cause of ignorance of the provisions of law and the rights of citizens.  

If every citizen of the country is aware of his rights and obligations under various laws and about the action he can take, no one would dare to take advantage of or fool us.

AWARENESS is not just knowledge; it is the power that protects you against INJUSTICE!

“AWARE INDIA” campaign is an initiative by Taxolawgy, to make people realise how powerful they are by spreading awareness about Rights, Responsibilities, Laws and what action can be taken against the exploiters.

Under “AWARE INDIA” campaign, Taxolawgy encourages people to ask questions about their Rights and Responsibilities. We encourage people to come and share their experience about how they or anyone around them has suffered.

We also encourage lawyers, CA’s and other legal and financial experts to be a part of this initiative, share their knowledge and answer queries of the victims and help people become self-sufficient and Independent.

Our Vision

Our vision is to awaken the curiosity in every citizen about their rights and powers and encourage them to come out and discuss about it. We want people to be free and independent of their legal rights.

How to join campaign?

Follow the steps below to join the campaign:

Step 1 – Click on the link –

Step 2 – Sign up in the website.

Step 3 – Go to campaign from the left menu.

Step 4 – Join the campaign.

Step 5 – Ask question about your rights, responsibilities and obligations.

Step 6 – Share your experience “How people took advantage of your unawareness?”.

Step 7 – Invite people in this campaign for their benefit.

Step 8 – Write feedback on how this campaign is helpful for you.