Intellectual Property Rights – IPR

Branding Business

How to Take Your Taxolawgy Business Anywhere

Taxolawgy is the best online marketing platform for Taxolawgy Business Anywhere, offering affordable prices in the most transparent environment for customers. It has created amazing global business opportunities for various...

Digital Marketing

5 Reasons to Hire a freelancer for the best digital marketing campaign

What is digital marketing? Before doing the best digital marketing campaign, you need to know about its content. Digital marketing is basically marketing that is based on digital technologies that...


5 Super Effective Marketing Strategies Real Estate Industry

As an Effective Marketing Strategies, your top priority is to satisfy customers. And provides suitable homes for their exact needs and specifications. But oftentimes, reaching new customers can be a...

build brand awareness


How to build brand awareness for your business?

Companies keep searching for strategies to build brand awareness, to get recognition. They keep searching for ways of social media Influence. So, what is exactly brand awareness and why is...

Digital Marketing

Why is Personal branding important

Yes, personal branding is important. When we hear of a certain brand name, our mind processes an image about it, and as per our perceptions, we make an opinion about...

IT Services



Every business whether small or large needs effective IT services to increase productivity.  Maximize the benefits of outsourcing technical support through hiring IT specialists. As a result, strong and resilient...

Professional Network

Business Digital Marketing

Why build and maintain a Professional Network

Networking is building long-term relationships. It means, connecting with professionals based on career path, experiences and interests. It’s one of the most impactful ways to expand your network. Networking is...

new age skills



In the startup stage you’ll either be doing all the required stuff by yourself or be looking out to those who are doing business work for you. However, you need...

Personal Branding

Business Digital Marketing

How to Build a Personal Brand?

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer, having a Personal Brand is very important. Personal Branding is not just about setting up a business under a person’s name, it...

IT services company


How Remote Working Is Reshaping the Future of IT Companies?

The outspread of the global pandemic has introduced a new possibility of getting the corporate back on track. Many IT services company have switched to "Remote Work" option. This has...

LinkedIn marketing tips

Business Digital Marketing

Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips solutions

Businesses can receive the best returns by opting for optimal digital marketing strategies. However, this is only possible if you make the best use of LinkedIn and other social media...

types of content

Digital Marketing

Best Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social platforms for working professionals, businesses, and recruiters. It has become the best digital way of finding job opportunities. However, like all other...

remote work


Top challenges of remote working

Remote working is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional working environment. While there are numerous benefits attached to the concept, there are certain challenges...

Remote Work Skills



Have you ever think about what are the most demanding remote work skills that are valued most in recent times? Well, with the changing time, big companies have changed their...

linkedin marketing

Business Digital Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is the ocean of opportunities when it comes to jobs. The LinkedIn marketing platform is a social media site that can be used to get jobs, build professional and...

branding for startups

Digital Marketing

Why personal branding is important for entrepreneurs

As discussed in our previous blogs, personal branding for startups is a required credibility that any brand or a businessman needs. It opens up a lot of options for you...

Digital Marketing Freelancer

How to Pitch for Online Jobs

It is very easy to pitch for online jobs nowadays. Working as a freelancer is very different from being a full-time or part-time employee, especially in the way you look...

what is personal branding

Digital Marketing

What is personal branding?

A personal branding strategy is to give your reputation and career more strong wings. Basically, the idea is to be visible in the whole crowd and stand out from the...

ecommerce website development


E-commerce Website development service

Create eCommerce website development or your online retail store is the most important business asset. Those interested in taking up the chances in the world of online retail must know...

small business challenges

small business

What To Do While Facing Small Business Challenges in 2021

There are startups and there are small businesses. It’s noticing that most of the small businesses struggle with marketing challenges in business, even after being active for about a year...

Hiring a freelancer


Steps to Follow When Hiring a Freelancer in Taxolawgy

There are many reasons why an individual or company would feel the need to Hiring a freelancer. It could be to get the simple work out of your way, to...

importance of trademark


Important of Trademark Registration for online businesses

Everyone is aware of a trademark, right? It's a representation of business identity in various forms such as text, logo, symbol, design, or anything else. But that's not all about...

communication with experts

Digital Banking

Importance of Keeping Your Communication and Payment within Taxolawgy

You can effectively have communication with experts & clients. Even transact within the platform without any difficulties. Hiring and finding jobs on Taxolawgy has become so easy, this is regardless...

promote your business

Business Freelancer

How to promote your business or Career Better

If you want your freelance business and career in Taxolawgy to survive and thrive well, then you should know how to promote your business as it is an essential factor....

Compelling Bid Proposal

Business Freelancer

How to Craft a Compelling Bid Proposal

When using the Taxolawgy platform, learning how to craft a compelling bid proposal is essential. A well-written, effective business proposal bid is more likely to attract clients and land you a...

how to find job


How to find job in Taxolawgy without Experience

Starting your career as a freelancer without any achievement or experience can be so challenging. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible process. If you are a determined person...

High Paying Projects


How to Land On High Paying Projects in Taxolawgy

Landing in online writing jobs in Taxolawgy is such a fascinating experience, especially after several attempts and hard work. But regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been...

Business Expert


How to Hiring business Experts Who Will Boost Your Business

Finding and Hiring business Experts from Taxolawgy can be a game-changer for your websites and business. Generally, the most significant benefit is all about flexibility and resilience.  The expansion of your business...

How to Make Money

How to

How to make money as a Writer on Taxolawgy

Making a living through online writing can be challenging. However, there’s always a chance for you to earn well if you challenge yourself and take a step forward. You should...

How to build client base

How to

How to Build a Loyal Client Base in Taxolawgy

Every established freelancer in Taxolawgy is aware of the cost of getting a new client than retaining an existing one. The relation and the revenues you get from a loyal repeat...

Tips for startup


7 Amazing Tips for Startup Success

Becoming a successful freelancer is everyone's dream. However, freelancing is not all about working in the comfort of your home. It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifices, along with...

corporate identity number

Corporate Law

What is a Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of a company

Starting a new business is much more than implementing the ideas to solve real life problems and making an income from it. When you are willing to transform your idea...

Startup culture in India


Evolution of Startup culture in India at the last 5 years

With the advent of information technology when everything can be accessed with just some movement of the fingertips. People have witnessed major growth in the startup culture in India. From...

Process for Changing LLP


Process of Changing LLP Name

When you start running a new company, the first thing you take care of is choosing a name that lures your target audience towards your product. ‘Name' plays a vital...

SEO Skills

Digital Marketing

Important Skills for a SEO Professional

As it is with every other profession, there are certain skills that one needs in order to perform your best or be rated among the best. Regardless of which background...

Client Onboarding Process


How Can You Make Your Client Onboarding Process Better

Onboarding in the freelance industry involves the process of integrating a new client into the field and familiarizing them with the services you offer. It’s a very crucial process in...

Benefits of blogging


Topmost Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

Blogging has become one of the most effective ways of marketing for businesses. Currently, a lot of businesses give important content to consumers through consistent blogging. Any business that aims...

Business Planning


7 Advantages of Having a Business Plan

Most businesses fail due to lack of a plan. To some extent you find that some business owners do not know the significance of having a proper steps thus increasing...

Fitness business ideas


How you can start your fitness business in this pandemic

The businesses have been impacted all around the world, and a hefty loss of the economy has been recorded. All the industries including fitness business have been in a situation...

Cyber Bullying laws


Know your lawful rights against cyberbullying in major countries

With this advancement in technology, cyber bullying is one of the major problems that youngsters are facing these days. Similarly, we live in an age of technology and easy access...

Work From Home Guide for Freelancers


Work From Home Guide for Freelancers

The requirement of ‘work from home’ freelancers has increased to a great extent. It has become a highly sought-after profession in the world. Many of them are finding ways to...

Fitness business ideas

Content Writing

Factors to Consider while Hiring a Content Writer

Introduction If you look around, you will find that most of the successful and profitable businesses have a well-designed website to showcase the quality of their products or the services...

Become a Better Freelancer


How to Become a Better Freelancer

If you are reading this, most probably is because you want to become a freelancer. You have internalized what freelancing entails and you want to give it a shot as...

best design software

Graphic Design

The Best Design Software for Logo

No wonder logos have been for so long serving as a company’s visual identity in the market. Research shows that a colorful and quirky logo helps your company stand out...

Client Base


Client Base | Strategy and Ideas

Every individual after setting up a business has to deal with the task of luring customers and creating a client base into choosing their company. Customers and clients are as...

Work From Home tips


Work From Home Guide For Beginners

With the lockdown in several countries following the sudden outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic, there has been an acceleration in the work from home culture and work from home...

Need of E-commerce


Why E commerce is the Need of the Hour

In today's global market scenario, the emergence of e-commerce as a forerunner has enhanced the approach of consumers, investors, and companies. With the globalization and evolution of technologies, several new...

adsense alternatives



For several years Google AdSense on google ad network has been the only alternative for bloggers who want to make a profit from advertising blogs.  Nearly every single popular publisher...

Best freelancing sites


How to Pick the Best Freelancing Sites

Though freelance websites have a wide range of options that provide a continuous flow of projects. It can be difficult for anyone to get access to the jobs and it’s...

Double Your Revenue Online


How To Double Your Revenue Online

In current times both business owners and employees are feeling the pinch after what they have gone through during the coronavirus crisis. Many are finding ways to double their profits...

Bidding On a Project


Things to Consider Before Bidding On a Project

For many freelancers, one of the challenging things they face is landing on new projects. Especially to bid proposals in freelance work. Wining a project involves a lot of bidding...


Career Advice

When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

Quote by Donald McGannon “Leadership is action, not a position.” A quote that should be practised by every boss/leader for the sake of their employees. A good office environment plays...



Merits and Demerits of Outsourcing Freelancers for Business

Of all the tools available out there to help you run your business, the most important could possibly be freelancer sites. The best thing about these sites is that outsourcing...

earn money in lockdown


7 ways to earn money in lockdown

Across the globe, quarantine and social distancing have been the core measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 viruses. Somehow these measures have worked in curbing the spread, but on...

Tax Refund


How to make the best use of your Tax Refunds

What is a Tax refund? Tax Refund is the amount that the Government gives back to the Taxpayers who pay excess taxes. It is usually issued after the income tax...



How to Choose a Developer for Your Project

Getting the right developer for your project is one of the significant concerns in business. No matter what you are trying to build, be it an app, website, or even...



How To Ensure You Get Paid As a Freelancer

Failure to get your pay after doing freelancing tasks could probably be your worst nightmare. When getting into the field you will require skills to employ the right methods to...



How Police Interrogation Works In India?

Police interrogation is a part of the police investigation. When an accused comes under police custody in the cognizable or non-cognizable offence, they have the right to question the accused....

internet explorer


Microsoft shuts Internet Explorer

Introduction: Microsoft's Internet Explorer made it’s debut as a web browser on 17 August, 1995. In a cause that the internet became more popular in the 90s, Microsoft’s internet explorer...

work from home


How work from home has affected Internet Speed

Introduction: The turmoil created due to the outbreak of coronavirus has affected almost every strata or class of people in some or the other way. It not only shattered the...


World News

Countries imposing heavy taxes on import goods

If simplified, Tariffs are the taxes which are imposed by the countries to protect the ­­domestic market. They also impose such tariffs to boost their production and their country’s industries....


World News

Top 5 Global Economic Risk Factors

Countries are seen facing heavy debts and recession, and especially in these situations of hardships that Covid-19 has put us through, it is wiser to know what all global economic...



Essential terms to know for calculating alimony rules in USA

Opting for alimony is often confusing and with the raised rate in divorces, it has become a need of this time to know the important alimony rules in USA which...


World News

Countries under vaccine trials for Covid-19

Half of the year has already been passed and people are still scared. With one of the worst virus outbreak that was witnessed in human history. Although, it has a...



10 Business Ideas to Kick Start Your Income in Lockdown

The beginning of this year itself had some random and surprising plans lined up on the previous grounds. Well, that might make sense of why we are still stuck in...


Indian Contract Act

Indian Contract Act 1872 – LAW OF AGENCY

Agency is an arrangement that occurs where one person, i.e. the principal, designates another person, i.e. the agent and agents agree to work on his orders. The law that governs...


Digital Banking

What Is Digital Banking In India| Benefits Of Digital Banking

IGNORING THESE FUNDAMENTALS CAN COST YOU YOUR CUSTOMERS You certainly must have come across the term digital banking In India whether you're a merchant, virtual shopper, internet-savvy individual, or just...


covid 19

India Quarantined: A Misfortune That Became a Fortune

Our entire country is facing lockdown for the last two months and this is how nature has found a way of regaining its lost wealth in this period.Yes, you may...



Registration Process Of A Foreign Company In India

How to Register a foreign company in India? And how does the method of company registration operate in India? Would you like to register your company in India while in...


Digital Banking

E-Payment System – The Unsung Hero Of E-India

In the next five years, digital payments will be a game-changer for the domestic e-commerce market. Cash on delivery tends to be the key form of payment for current e-commerce...



How To Setup A Software Company In USA | Learn Registration Process

WANT TO SETUP A SOFTWARE COMPANY IN USA? The software development company in the USA is large as well as strong. The software technology companies in the USA generate roughly...


Certified Public Accountant

How to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – USA

CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT IN USA – ELIGIBILITY AND REGISTRATION It may be your most intelligent career path to become a certified public accountant (CPA) in the USA, however, it is...



A Complete Guide on Starting a Startup Business in India

It is about creating prosperity in India. Many people who dream of starting their own businesses lack the resources to do so. As a result, their ideas, talent and capabilities...

Laws Legal Rights


The expression bail is extracted from the French word bailer which implies delivering or giving. The word bail usually denotes a temporary release of an arrested person.  Bail is the...



New Startup Business Opportunities In The USA after COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed the world. Everyone is going haywire due to the uncertainty that has followed this pandemic. Amid all this pandemonium, we are trying to ascertain which...



Product Certification Mark – BIS Mark In India

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) offers BIS certification in India. Since 1947, the National Standard Body supports and facilitates the movement of standards throughout the country. BIS certification or...



India – An alternative investment destination for United States

The USA is backing India as an alternative investment destination for China. India and America have robust business relations for years. Several American companies are investing to fulfill the indispensable...


Business covid 19

Optimal Customer Acquisition Strategy During A Pandemic- A Recession Survival Checklist

The best strategy to survive a recession is to make sure every customer comes to you however small the number may be. Customer Acquisition and Retention thus are one of...


Mutual Fund

What Is Average Mutual Fund Return? How Does It Work?

Investing in Mutual Funds? What is your average mutual fund return rate on Investment? How do you calculate the returns on the mutual fund and what do they imply? Before...

private detectives



Private detective organizations perform independent inquiries for particular people or associations in cases such as divorce or matrimonial matters, insurance matters, severe criminal cases, high profile cases, etc.  Throughout India,...

service tax in India


Exemptions Granted On Service Tax In India

Service tax in India is necessary for all services except those in a negative list of services. Exemptions that are available under service tax in India are as follows: GENERAL...

hedge funds in India

Mutual Fund


ARE THEY A GOOD INVESTMENT OPTION? If you're curious about hedge funds and what they are — or if you're wondering if you should invest in one yourself — then...



How To Save Effectively Now For a Better Future

How to start saving money Experts talk about investment so much. But very little is written on how to save money in comparison, which is shocking. Indeed, finding a detailed...

types of insurances


An A-Z Guide To Types Of Insurance Available In India

Buying any type of insurance is one of the most significant financial choices, but only 10% of Indians are covered, believe it or not. Despite IRDA's various reforms in the...

how to expand business



How to expand business Scaling any business is a tough job. Substantial determination is a must at all levels. An aspiring entrepreneur rows various boats as he deals with sales,...

Business Digital Marketing


As media transition into the twenty-first century and the way business and marketing have changed, researchers 'studies concentrate on the significance of electronic media and social networks as an advertising...

healthcare facilities in India



Health is a basic human right and a globally recognized social aim. Proper medical care is essential. It is a fundamental and basic human right. Procurement of the status of...

stamp duty in Maharashtra

Legal Documentation


In its debut budget, the Maharashtra government declared plans for tax concessions. This includes a 1 percent slash of stamp duty and other registration charges of documents in Maharashtra and...


covid 19

Covid-19 Strikes Economy, How Hard Is The Impact?

What will recovery look like? hasn't collapsed stock and asset values, but real life and real operation too. There have been occasions when financial markets have collapsed because it was...

Article 356



Firstly, to understand the concept of Article 356 of India's constitution for state emergency let's examine its history and enactment. The Indian Constitution provides for emergency arrangements in line with...


insolvency and bankruptcy code

Impact of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code On Indian Industries

Before engaging in deeper content of the topic, let's polish some basics of insolvency and bankruptcy. A person can be insolvent without being bankrupt contrary to that a person can’t...

Work From Home Policy

covid 19


The coronavirus has seized the world’s economy and threatens economic trade worldwide. That is to say, the pandemic has forced the world's economy to sail in turbulent waters.  The downward-facing...


Epidemic Disease Act 1897

Epidemic Disease Act 1897 – Coming Challenges

India is witnessing an epidemiological transition. India is facing a dual burden of diseases in the 21st century, as they struggle to contain communicable diseases. By imposing various acts and...

mental harassment

How to


WHAT IS HARASSMENT? Harassment covers an exhaustive scope of behaviors of an offensive nature. Likewise, it also comes under behavior that is condescending or humiliating to another individual. Here legally, these are behaviors or...




Financial planning is the foundation of any economy or company and the most important and crucial aspect of everything accomplished. It is imperative for everyone predominantly for those who are...

lease agreement


What is a lease?

CONCEPT OF LEASING: Leasing provides access to a fixed asset. It can also be defined as a contract between two parties. Here, one party provides an asset for use to...

MCA Notification for COVID 19

Business How to News

MCA Notice for ‘Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19’

Introduction: Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued directions for all Corporates Companies and LLPs amid the COVID-19 crisis. The MCA has directed to put in place an immediate plan to...



Verbal Agreements | Are They Legally Enforceable?

Once you promise verbally, you normally assume that you will do it. But, are you legitimately bind to do it? When two or more people settle to an agreement with...

Tax saving tips



Ineffective tax-planning might result in a grave reduction in your take-home salary. Particularly in the last few months of the fiscal year, it might influence your consistent pecuniary obligations. Being...

Indian companies in USA


How To Incorporate An Indian Company In The USA?

How To Incorporate An Indian companies In USA? Before you plan your business, you should plan your budget carefully. Many people don't prepare themselves for the increasing expenses that occur...



How To Search For Trademark In India | A Complete Guide

The Importance of Trademark Search Before we dive into the topic of trademark registration, let us know what a trademark means. According to the trademark act 1999, a trademark is...

Website Agreement

Business Legal Documentation Technology

Importance of Website Agreement | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions

What is a Website Agreement? A website agreement mentions the terms and conditions of usage. These terms and conditions are followed by website users. Most importantly a web agreement provides...


Charitable Trust

Registration of Charitable Trust – Everything to Know

The Registration of Charitable Trust happens with some integrated steps. The incorporation of a charitable trust mainly takes place for the purpose of education for the unprivileged or to provide...



How does a patent registration for a company works?

Let us start by knowing what a patent registration is. A patent registration helps the company to become a legal firm. First, the business application needs to file for the...


Retirement Plan

Retirement Savings Plan | Best Pension Plans In India

Your retirement savings plan is the most important thing in your life. You can take up various savings options and save coherently so that you can have an easy life. There...

How to use linkedin for CA

Career Advice Chartered Accountancy How to

How To Use LinkedIn For CAs | Career Advice For Fresher CAs

In this blog, I'll discuss how to use LinkedIn for CA- beginners. I see so many young Chartered Accountants literally begging for jobs on LinkedIn via posts and personal message...

Startup Business



India is a developing country with new and different types of opportunities and innovations. There are endless means for the best startup business with different ideas in India. Startups are...



Why Should One Invest In Your Startup Business?

You might have some knowledge about the T.V shows “Redemption Inc., Shark Tank, or Dragon’s Den”? Well, that is what you need to do to make your investor invest in...


Business How to startup

How To Do Market Research For A Startup- A Complete Guide

A perfect Startup is a myth. Each and every step taken by entrepreneurs needs to be backed by research and hard work in the first place. Above all, they need...



10 Benefits of Investing in Startups in India

The term startup has many meanings when described in the Indian context. The word startup has become a synonym to growth, entrepreneurial traits, vision and futuristic approach. Startups in India...


Child Labour Know your Rights Labour laws

Child Actors OR Child Labours?

Introduction: The word 'child actor/actress’ is generally used for a child acting on stage or in films or on television. Looking at the legal framework to this issue, the recent...



What is NDA (Non Disclosure agreement)

A legal obligation contract that defines confidentiality kinship is termed as a non disclosure agreement or NDA contract. Any entity who signs this agreement admits restriction to reveal the information...



What is Trademark law In India?

What Is A Trademark?                                                     ...

Budget 2020 for startups

startup Taxation


India’s current rate of GDP growth at 5% comes under one of the better growth rates all over the world. This rate is very low for a country that has...

Food Business

FSSAI How to Legal Documentation

Food Business Startup in India

The Legal Requirements You Need to Fulfill Opening a Restaurant, Food Manufacturing Company, Takeaway Restaurant, Dhaba or any other food venture is a dream of many. If you are reading...

Tips to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Kids

Domestic-Violence How to

Key Tips to Prevent your Kids from Physical and Sexual Abuse

The people that are dearest to you in this very world are your kids and you want to make sure that they don’t get to suffer from any kind of...

Alteration of MoA/AoA

Corporate Law

Process for the alteration of MOA/AOA, Everything you need to know

A Memorandum Of Association or Article Of Association is a legal document that contains various important points. It includes the name of the company, ownership of the company, and the...

GST Registration in India

Corporate Law GST How to startup Taxation

GST Registration In India

1. What is GST? GST or the Goods and Services Tax is charged on every good or service provided. Furthermore, to do business a GST Registration in India is required....

Benefits of Outsourcing for SMEs

Business LPO Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting and Legal Work for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners look after all the key aspects of their enterprise. These aspects range from HR, Credit Control, Accounts, Legal Work, Logistics, Web Design and many...



How to Trademark registration online For Your Brand in India?

Protect your brand from competitors through Trademark registration online. It takes a lot of time to come up with a brand name that matches your product perfectly. Sometimes, a hundred...

Apply for MUDRA Loan

Business How to startup

What is Mudra Loan and How to Apply For Mudra Loan?

What is Mudra Loan? Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency or commonly known as MUDRA loans is a scheme that is operated under the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY). The...


Business FSSAI Registration startup

Limited Liability Partnership Registration : Documents Required, Fees and Advantages

What is a limited liability partnership? Limited liability partnership is popularly known as LLP. It came into existence in the year 2008 & it runs under limited liability partnership act...

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019


What’s wrong with the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 and National Register of Citizens?

This article has been written by Anubhav Garg, a student of Delhi Metropolitan Education. In this article, he has made an objective analysis of the National Register of Citizens and...

consumer rights

Consumer law

Consumer Rights in India

The consumer constitutes the initiation of every economic activity and the role of a consumer is highly valuable since ancient times. Even in the Old Testament, a form of consumer...

Environmental Law

Ensure a safe environment for our children, save their rights

What is the current situation of the environment? Firstly, the Earth is currently facing a lot of environmental concerns. Moreover, the environmental problems like global warming, acid rain, air pollution,...

Child Rights in India

Know your Rights

Child Abuse in India and the role of child rights

Right from studying at a reputed institution to working in hazardous factories children suffer mental, physical, and psychological abuse everywhere. But they cannot express themselves and these situations turn them...

Education policy in India

Education Policy

What is Right to Education – RTE Under Child Rights in India?

We are coming up with the Child Rights Week initiative to #BringaSmile on a child's face. We believe it will be helpful in spreading awareness among the kids and their...

Reply to Legal Notice

Legal Documentation

How to respond to a legal notice, everything you need to know?

With the changing times, contracts and negotiations have become very common. As an individual or firm, you tend to enter into legal commitments with so many companies these days as...

Government Pensioners

How to

How government pensioners can submit life certificate online?

The government has prescribed a rule for government pensioners: To receive a retirement pension, government pensioners will have to submit a Life Certificate or Jeevan Pramaan Patra. However, the process...

gst cancellation process in india

GST How to Taxation

GST Cancellation Process In India

The Indian Government implemented the Goods and Services Tax or the GST in 2017. Moreover, it created a lot of confusion in the beginning but people are grasping the context...

Gift Deed Registration

Legal Documentation

Gift Deed Registration Process in India

Meaning of Gift Deed A gift deed is a legal document. It describes the transfer of moveable or immovable property. It is made voluntarily by the owner without any exchange...

Startup Registration

Business Corporate Law Legal Documentation startup

How to register your startup in India in 2021?

Startup Means A newly established business initiated by an individual or a group of people. It differentiates from others with a unique new product or service which doesn't exist similarly....

Reasons to outsource accounting services

Accounting Business Finance Outsourcing

10 Reasons to outsource accounting services

An accounting department is generally a very important part of any business. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records is crucial for the success of any business. Many Small and Medium...

Ease of Doing Business


The Ease of Doing Business in India in 2019

Coupled with the objective to boost the ease of doing business in India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has taken some initiatives. In this article, we shall understand these...

GST Registration


What are the due dates & procedures for Online GST Return?

Goods & Services Tax or GST as most of you get to pronounce has become a new ache for the business person ever since its inception. It’s been two years...

Registration of Societies

Society Registration

All You Need To Know About Registration of Societies in India

A society is an association of various individuals coming together with an objective to perform some act cooperatively adding to communal harmony. Societies are registered for further development of sports,...

What is a Sale Deed?

Laws Legal Documentation Property

Sale deed and agreement for sale, legal significance and objective

When you are buying any property, various legal procedures are needed to be followed. Even a small mistake can cost you dearly as far as the legal aspects are concerned....

registration of partnership firm

Business Corporate Law How to Legal Documentation startup

Guide To Registration Of Partnership Firm In India

To start off, what exactly is a Partnership Firm? Moreover, when two or more people decide to co-own a company while also sharing profits and losses it’s a partnership. Furthermore,...

charitable trust registration

Corporate Law How to Legal Documentation startup

Guide To Charitable Trust Registration In India

If you’re looking for a charitable trust registration, then congratulations. Firstly, for doing the good deed. Secondly, because this article will sort everything out for you. The sole purpose of...

rent agreement

How to Laws Legal Documentation Property

How To Make A Rent Agreement or Lease Licence in India?

1. What Is A Rental Agreement? If you’ve come across this before you’ll know that getting a rent agreement can be tedious and tiring. Moreover, a rental agreement is a...

Income Tax Form 16


All You Need To Know about Income Tax Returns

The income tax return is a key aspect for every individual. Moreover, since the Modi government has come into power spreading awareness about the ITR. The people have become quite...

incorporation of public company

Business Corporate Law How to Legal Documentation

Guide To Incorporation Of Public Company In India

To start off, most companies go public when they think they have the potential to grow bigger. Moreover, a Public Limited company has all the perks of a private company....

pvt ltd company registration

Business Corporate Law How to Legal Documentation startup

Private Limited Company Registration

1. What Is A Company Registration Registering your company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is company registration. You can register your company under a number of different categories like...

How to register a Copyright in India

Corporate Law How to Legal Documentation startup

A Guide to Copyright Registration in India

The world is full of creative people. If you’re one of them you should know what a copyright registration is. Copyright registration in India grants you the rights to stop...

Trademark Registration

Intellectual Property Rights - IPR

How to get a Trademark Registered in India?

Trademark Registration To begin with, a trademark is a word or a symbol which helps you protect your business identity and its products. Furthermore, Trademark comes under Intellectual Property Rights...

Cheque Bounce

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How to process for Cheque Bounce in India?

Cheque Bounce The word bounce is an informal alternative for the word dishonour. A cheque is said to be bounced or dishonoured when it is returned by the bank unpaid....

Copyright Registration in India

Intellectual Property Rights - IPR

Copyright Registration In India – Complete Guideline for Companies

Copyright Registration in India As per the law, the copyright law is governed by the ‘Indian Copyrights Act, 1957’. Specifically, the term ‘Copyright’ is a form of intellectual property protection...

Legal Aspects of Business


5 Legal Aspects of Beginning A Startup In India

A Startup is a unique and innovative idea introduced to society for fast-growing businesses to cater to new services. A Startup Company (Startup or Start-up) is an entrepreneurial venture. It...

Patent Registration in India

Intellectual Property Rights - IPR

How to get Patent Registration in India?

The overall patent registration process requires a series of steps. Followed these steps to acquire a patent registration in India. Moreover, this article includes the registration process, fees, checking patentability,...

TDS Provisions


TDS Provisions under GST Explained (Tax Deducted at Source)

The article explains the Section-wise requirement of TDS deduction with provisions made for FY 2018-19 under GST or Goods & Services Tax. It also covers threshold exemption limit and the...

Different Income Tax Slabs


Different Income Tax Slabs And Changes Made In The Budget 2019-20

Income tax is one of the most important taxes that are imposed by the government on an individual’s earnings. There are different tax slabs and brackets based on the income...

GST Registration


GST Registration Process & Due Dates In India

What are the types formats, due dates and procedures for Online GST Return? Eligibility, Filing Process, Fess, Expert Support Goods & services tax or GST as most of you get...

TDS Return Filing


TDS Returns: Eligibility, Filing Process, Due Dates

TDS or Tax Deducted at Source refers to the part of the income tax deducted at source only. When rents, salary, interest or any professional fee is paid to you,...

Legal Services to Outsource


10 Legal Services you can now Outsource

The current industry trends suggest that major corporations, as well as mid-sized companies, are turning towards outsourcing companies with industry experience and comprehensive capabilities to get the job done. These...

One Person Company

Business Corporate Law

How To Incorporate Your One Person Company?

Introduction to a One Person Company Conversely, the concept of the one-person company was brought to India by the Companies Act, 2013 to assist the entrepreneurs. They are the people...

llp registration

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Guide To LLP Registration In India

LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership. Furthermore, an LLP Registration takes place under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. In simple words, LLP limited the liability of partners if the...

Destination for LPO


Why choose India for LPO?

When another firm carries out legal process it is named Legal Process Outsourcing. In this case, a firm situated overseas is called offshore outsourcing. In this article, we have listed...

Working in an LPO


Top Reasons for Lawyers to choose Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) over Legal Practice

Most of the law students have dreamt of a career in legal practice. Wherein they can either become an associate in a law firm, or work as a public prosecutor...

New Direct Tax Law


Salient Features of New Direct Tax Law in India

Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue) of India is ready to restructure the Direct Tax. They are going to make it simple and easy through the New Direct Tax Law....

Goods & Services Tax


Amendments in Goods and Services Tax – 20th Sep ’19

Particularly, on 20th September 2019, 37th GST Council meeting was held. Furthermore, there are several changes presented in Goods and Service Tax rates. However, Central Government has now provided an...

incorporation of section 8 company

Business Corporate Law

How to do the incorporation of a Section 8 or Non-Profit Company?

So, you have a cause in mind. Hence, You have to build a non-profit company or section 8 company that can help you reach your goals. Well, there's a lot...

licensing agreement

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How To Get A Licensing Agreement In India?

If you're looking for a simple and easy explanation to licensing agreement you're in the right place. Firstly, a license agreement lets a party use the patented goods or services of...

FSSAI Registration


Checklist of FSSAI Registration for Opening a Restaurant in India

Documents required to start your restaurant business in India with FSSAI Registration Online In particular, it requires a lot of efforts to choose the right location, hire the right talent...

Udyog aadhar registration certificate

Business startup

Why Every Business Should Get Udyog Aadhar registration certificate!

What is a Udyog Aadhar? In simple terms, Udyog Aadhar is Aadhar for micro, small and medium enterprises. Basically, it is a 12-digit Unique Identification Number. The process to avail...

fssai license and registration


FSSAI Rules & Regulations for E-commerce Food Operators

With the introduction of new technologies in digital India, FSSAI has introduced and mandated licence (e-challan) for e-commerce Food Business Operators to run businesses according to new FSSAI guidelines under...

cancellation of GST registration in India


Is cancellation of GST registration in India possible?

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services. This law has replaced many indirect tax laws that previously existed in India....

Animal protection laws in India

Animal Law Environmental Law

What are the animal protection laws in India?

All the rights we have as humans make us strong and help us live a more comfortable and convenient life. But we are not alone on this planet. We coexist...

LPG insurance policy

Know your Rights Legal Rights

What’s The LPG Insurance Policy In India

News regarding ₹50 Lakh LPG insurance policy has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. So, Are the rumours true? Several authorized dealers are available for LPG cylinders....

Rights of Disabled Persons In India

Legal Rights Rules

Rights of Disabled Persons In India

India has almost four to eight crore people with disabilities. But due to low literacy, scarce jobs and extensive social stigma, disabled people in India are one of the most...

Sedition law in India

Laws Sedition Law

Is Sedition law in India Too Harsh?

As per the dictionary, Sedition Law in India means, "Conduct or speech inciting people to revolt against the authority of a state". Sedition cases in India involve two elements. Namely...

mental health act in india

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What Is The Mental Health Act In India

The World Health Organization estimates that India is the most depressed country in the world. Furthermore, 6.5% of the population suffers from some sort of serious mental disorder. There is...

consumer rights in india

Consumer law Know your Rights Laws Legal Rights

Here Are Consumer Rights In India If You Get Cheated Online

The Indian e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace. As a result, the industry adds around 6 million new users every month. Therefore, as the number of customers skyrockets...

Medical Negligence And Law In India

How to Know your Rights Laws Legal Rights

Medical Negligence – A Distressing Phenomenon In India

It is a harrowing experience to lose a loved one. But what if their death wasn't natural? And what if their death was caused by medical negligence? Every day we...

Alimony Calculator India

Alimony Divorce

Alimony Calculator India

What is Alimony? Alimony (Maintenance) is a legal obligation on a person to provide financial support to their spouse during or after marital separation or divorce under divorce maintenance rules...

defamation law in India

Know your Rights Laws

Defamation Laws in India

The most famous defamation case in India currently is filed by ex-union minister MJ Akbar against journalist Priya Ramani. Priya Ramani had accused MJ Akbar of sexual misconduct. Consequently, MJ...

education policy in india


Education Policy In India And Its Impact On The Future Of Education

On 11th November, India celebrates the National Education Day in the memory of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He was India's first Education Minister and the man behind IITs and IISc....

Pharmacy Registration in India

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A Complete Guide to Online Pharmacy Registration in India

Introduction to the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry in India is slated to increase its value in the near future. From US$ 33 billion in 2017, it is expected...

laws against trolling in India

Know your Rights Laws Rules Trolling

Are There Laws Against Trolling In India?

"With great power comes great responsibilities". Yes, that's the most famous dialogue from the spiderman trilogy. Besides being famous, it also makes a lot of sense. When it comes to...

surrogacy laws in India


What are the Surrogacy Laws in India all about?

India was once fast emerging as the 'surrogacy capital of the world'. The 'fertility tourism' was booming with a $445 million business. A large number of poor Indian women were...

rights of an arrested person

Laws Legal Rights Rights on Arrest

What rights do have if you are arrested?

The constitution regards everyone as equals. Even arrested people should have certain rights that help them avoid exploitation. Police officers should treat them humanely. In this blog, we mention the...

Adoption laws in india

How to Know your Rights Laws Legal Rights Rules

What Are The Adoption Laws In India?

Adoption Laws in India are a bit difficult to understand initially. Furthermore, the lack of a uniform civil code in terms of family matters has made the adoption process in...

environmental acts in india

Citizen Duties Environmental Law Laws Legal Rights

Know your rights for the environment and how you can contribute to stop global warming?

We only have around 11 years to prevent irreversible damage caused by global warming. We are the last generation that can potentially stop permanent damage to Earth. Fast-growing population, urbanization...

Maternity leave rules in India

Laws Legal Rights

Know the Maternity leave benefits under Maternity leave rules in India

The key thought behind providing the maternity leave benefits to women is to uphold the self-respect. And to provide a sense of pride of nurturing to be a mother. The...

Transport system in India

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Different Laws For Travelling

Transportation is the backbone of travel. It is making people, products, things and information travel through the air, rail, water, and roadways conveniently and effortlessly. The transport system in India...

Right to education in India


Right to Education

Education plays a huge role in the quality of life and the holistic development of the child. It provides children with the ability to read and write, thus helping them...

Whistleblower act in India


Everything you’ve wanted to know about Whistleblowers Act in India

What do Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Ashok Khemka have in common? All of them exposed and leaked information about illegal activities. In simple terms they are whistleblowers. A whistleblower is...

Married women rights in India


Marital Rape is against married women rights in India

Spousal rape, also known as marital rape is a Penal Offence under Section 375 and 376 of Indian penal court. According to the legal laws for women in India, non-consensual...

filing FIR in India

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What to do in case an official refuse to lodge an FIR?

Section 154 of The Code of Criminal Procedure deals with registration of First Information Report (though the Section does not use the word 'First Information Report or FIR). Know your...

Indian Law

Know your Rights

Laws People Should Be Aware About

For any civilized society to function, people need to follow the laws. We obey laws to fulfil our moral obligations and to avoid legal consequences. But if people are not...

Corruption in India


Ways To Fight Corruption In India

Over the years we’ve seen so many attempts by people to fight political corruption in India. One of the biggest was Anna Hazare’s series of strikes in 2011. The strikes...

Aadhar card

How to Legal Documentation

What is Aadhar – UID?

A billion people possess an Aadhar card. The majority of them still do not know everything about it or have misconceptions. This article covers everything you need to know about...

Consumer Protection laws in india

Consumer law Know your Rights

Consumer Protection laws in India

“Consumer is the King” is the new mantra in current age for the sellers and service providers. We are in a generation of customer-centric environment. With changing times, the economic...

legal rights that women should know

Know your Rights

10 Legal Rights Women Should Know About

“India is the world's most dangerous country for women due to the high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labour.” states a Thomas Reuters foundation report. It...

Adultery laws in India


Adultery – An Unpopular Viewpoint

The adultery law in India defines Adultery or an extramarital affair as a criminal offence. Adultery is defined as a married man engaged in consensual sexual intercourse with another married...

link aadhar with pan

Legal Documentation

Is Aadhar Card mandatory to avail various services?

The supreme court ruling of September 2018 revoked certain terms of Aadhar Card. The judgement clearly defines the inclusions and exclusions of Aadhar Card. So what are the services which...

rights of working women in india

Know your Rights

Rights of working women in India

Women's rights in India in the past have been ignored. But with increasing awareness, India has robust laws for women. It is very important for women to have financial independence...

Why does India need Aadhar Card

Legal Documentation

Why does India need Aadhar Card – UID?

Does India Need Aadhaar Card? You might already possess documents like Pan Card, passport, driver’s licence, etc. which help you in identification. So why do you need an additional document...



What was the 2018 Supreme Court Ruling on Aadhar Card?

In September 2018, the supreme court passed a historical judgement which modified several terms of the Aadhar card. The unmodified terms could potentially violate the privacy of Indian citizens. The...

Aadhar card

Legal Documentation

Is UID Tracking You?

Is UIDAI tracking you?(Aadhar Card) There are a lot of misconceptions about the Aadhar card due to rumors and fake news reports. In this blog, we try to clear up...

Dowry System in India

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Know about the Dowry System in India – Act and Procedure

We are excited for our wedding bells. That beautiful bridal dress, that pretty henna in hands, the glittering jewellery, the scented garland seems like a pretty fairy tale which she...

online tax payment in India


Online tax payment in India

Technology makes it easier to complete important mundane tasks from the comforts of your home. One such task is of income tax payment. The taxation system in India has made...

married women rights in India

Know your Rights

What are the Legal Rights of a Married Woman In India

Since ancient times, married women in India have been subjected to a lot of atrocities. Be it sati, harassment for dowry, or domestic violence. Some of these practices still exist...

How to save tax in india

Finance Taxation

How to save income tax in India?

Often, people end up paying taxes more than they should because of lack of awareness. If you file your own taxes it is quite possible that you might commit the...

income tax filing india


Procedure of Income Tax Filing India

Filing for income tax returns in India can be confusing for some. Since it is a mandatory process this article will explain you the ITR filing procedure under taxation policy...



Rights of Taxpayers in India

The Rights and responsibilities of taxpayer India include the protection of personal privacy, property confidentiality and penalties that keeps taxpayers safe from the misuse of power by the authorities. Know...