A Guide to Copyright Registration in India

The world is full of creative people. If you’re one of them you should know what a copyright registration is. Copyright registration in India grants you the rights to stop anyone from copying or stealing your work. You can copyright anything ranging from a poem, music, painting to a film script. Pretty cool right? To sum up, all you need to do is file a copyright application. Furthermore, we’ve brought you the step by step process to do it.

Copyright Filing Procedure In India

The following steps are to file a copyright registration in India:

  1. Make the application through the form XIV
  2. Attach the Statement of Particulars(SoP) and Statement of Further Particulars to the form. These can be tricky.
  3. Attach the pre-requisite fee attached to the form. 
  4. You (or the petitioner) must duly sign the copyright application.
  5. In case, you (or the petitioner) cannot sign the application, you can send a Power of Attorney signed by you which is verified by a lawyer along with the application.
  6. Pay the registration fee via Demand Draft, Postal Order addressed to the Registrar Of Copyrights Payable At New Delhi, or better yet online.
  7. SoP is an important document. Thus, fill it carefully. If you’re not experienced with SoPs get in touch with Taxolawgy. We connect people to the best professionals in the concerned field. It’s better to be safe than sorry in case of an SoP.

How Taxolawgy Helps You Do It The Right Way

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Copyright Office In India

A Registrar of Copyrights is appointed by the central government. The Copyright Office in India provides copyright provisions and functions to people. The process is supervised by the Registrar himself/herself. Once you’ve finished completing the application you can post it to the office in case of an offline application.

How To Upload Documents

  • Log in to the official website of the Copyright Office ( copyright.gov.in )
  • On the left side of the screen find the Upload Discrepancy Reply, click on that.
  • Use View Discrepancy Letter tab to view the error document.
  • To upload document against a particular acknowledgement number check (click) the checkbox next to it.
  • The upload document option will open up. Click on it.
  • Make sure your file is in a PDF format. If it’s not, convert it.
  • Upload the required file.
  • Meanwhile, it might take a few seconds for the page to refresh and show the upload. Have patience.

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After your copyright registration is complete, there’s a mandatory 30-day waiting period. Furthermore, your application will be examined if no one claims a dispute. Moreover, you get a period of 45 days to correct any mistakes found. In conclusion, your copyright registration in India application is accepted if everything goes good. Meanwhile, if you have created something outstanding there’s a good chance of it getting a counterfeit sooner than later. When this happens you can use your copyright registration. But, how? This is where an online hassle-free service like Taxolawgy can help you. The call is yours. You can let your work gain credit to a thief or you can secure it now.