Ways To Fight Corruption In India

Over the years we’ve seen so many attempts by people to fight political corruption in India. One of the biggest was Anna Hazare’s series of strikes in 2011. The strikes gained huge momentum across India and were even featured in the Times magazine “Top 10 News Stories of 2011”. 

Even after becoming a massive movement in India, corruption is still prevalent.  It slows economic development as foreign companies do not invest in countries where corruption is high. Political corruption in India affects the common man more than people who have influence. Public money meant for infrastructure goes in the pocket of officials and thus the quality of infrastructure decreases.

So how can we fight corruption?

  • The government should empower people by providing them with tools to engage and participate in politics. 
  • Government and non-government organizations should work together to bring in change and drive progress.
  • Awareness programs should become more prevalent. When people are aware of the anti-corruption policies in India, their decision making and accountability increases. 
  • There should be an increase in the use of technology between government, citizens, media, etc. to increase exchange between them. The public should also have access to accurate information on government proceedings. When transparency increases, corruption decreases.
  • Policies that work for one country may not work for the other. So make the best use of existing policies and modify them according to needs. Policies should be flexible enough so the administration can make changes in the future. These policies will only work if people actually follow them.
  • Use feedback on the anti-corruption policies. These policies work best when the government constantly monitors and evaluates whether they work for their country or not. 
  • Anti-corruption efforts are vital but punishing those who engage in corruption is equally important. The government should establish a strong legal framework to fight corruption.

These ways work only when citizens follow the anti-corruption laws in India and hold the government accountable. It is very easy to bribe and get your work done but it will hurt you in the long run.