Know your lawful rights against cyberbullying in major countries

With this advancement in technology, cyber bullying is one of the major problems that youngsters are facing these days. Similarly, we live in an age of technology and easy access to the Internet. Moreover, this results in low self-esteem, depression, and in worst cases self-harm. 
With the increasing awareness about the cyberbullying laws in India, we hope to get the situation under control and put an end to it soon.
Similarly, cyberbullying laws in the UK and the US are being looked upon.

What is Cyberbullying?   

Cyberbullying, in like manner, is bullying someone with the use of the internet. Social platforms, message platforms, gaming platforms, etc. It is a repeated behavior of anger and the use of harsh words towards a targeted person. Thus, the person who is a target faces bullying by a group of people creating more pressure and depression.

On the contrary, this has resulted in a high number of suicides. Shaming someone online is analogous to shaming someone in public. The difference between bullying and cyberbullying is, it leaves digital evidence at the same time it happens. Thus, making it easy to report the abuser.

There are different types of cyberbullying:

~ Cyberbullying is spreading lies about someone or posting embarrassing photos of someone online. 

~Creating fake IDs just to send hateful and abusive messages to the targeted person. Then these profiles can be reported and blocked.

~Posting inappropriate or embarrassing photos of someone. 

~Online threats or provoking someone to kill or harm themselves.

~ Spreading hate through comments, videos, or posts on religion and political parties.

Back in the day, bullying was not common in schools and colleges. Yet bullying laws were implemented and in some colleges, anti-bullying squads were formed. As bullying is becoming more common on social media.

Cyber Bullying laws in India

As access to the internet is becoming easy in India, the rates of cyberbullying have climbed high. Then find out some cyber bullying laws

~ Section 66A prescribes punishment for sending offensive messages through social media.

~ Proceedings after identity theft takes place are listed under Section 66C.

~The IT Act (Information Technology Act) section 67B prescribes punishment for publishing Obscene material in electronic forms. Punishment for a term which may extend to 5 years along with a fine.

~ Section 66 E of the IT Act prescribes punishment for violation of privacy.

~Section 507 of IPC also deals with Cyberbullying.  

~ Legal proceedings for breaching confidentiality and privacy are prescribed under Section 72.

~ Fine for sending threatening messages through e-mails, or insulting the modesty of a woman through words, actions, or acts is specified under Section 503 and Section 509 of the Indian Penal code (IPC).

 These are few laws by IPC for cyber crimes in India.

Cyberbullying Laws in the UK

Cyberbullying does not come under any specific law in the UK It is an offense under different laws

~ Protection from Harassment Act 1997

Under this Act, it is a criminal offense to send multiple abusive emails to a person to cause distress. Likewise, if a guilty person will have to pay his penalty of up to 6 months imprisonment or both.

~ Malicious Communication Act (1988)

For instance, sending threats or spreading incorrect information is an offense. The person can face charges with up to 6 months imprisonment, or a fine, or both.

~ Communication act 2003

Under this act, it is an offense to send a message or other matter that is indecent or offensive.

~Obscene Publication Act (1959)

Under this act, it is an offense to publish an obscene article. Because, publishing includes showing, projecting, or transmitting the data.

~ Public Order Act (1986)

Under this Act, it is an offense to insult, abuse, or threaten someone through words, behavior, or writings.

~ Computer Misuse Act (1990)

Under this act, it is an offense to hacks into the victim’s personal online account or computer.

Cyber Bullying Laws in Australia

In the Australian Criminal Code, there is no cyberbullying provision. But it is against the law to harass someone using online platforms.

This harassment includes: 

~Stalk someone online

~defame somebody

~ provoke someone to kill themselves

~ access someone’s account without their permission.

If guilty, one can be behind the bars for up to 3 years or face financial charges of over $30,000.

Cyber Bullying Laws in the U.S

In addition to this, some US states have passed a law to end cyberbullying. The laws differ by state. States have laws that include electronic forms of communication within stalking or harassment law. In addition, the enforcement agency also has a cybercrime unit that provides assistance under the state office.