Why choose India for LPO?

When another firm carries out legal process it is named Legal Process Outsourcing. In this case, a firm situated overseas is called offshore outsourcing. In this article, we have listed some reasons to choose India as a destination for LPO.

The LPO industry has seen a subsequent increase in demand in the last few years. Lawyers from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and other countries are looking for a quicker and cheaper way to complete their pre-litigation work like legal document drafting, legal writing, research, contract review, and more. Consuming a lot of time and resources these tasks can be easily outsourced.

The Similarity of Laws

UK’s legal system inspired the Indian Legal System. Thus it is similar to that of the USA, Canada, Australia, and European countries. If there are any differences, Indian lawyers can understand and study them. This makes India a suitable destination for LPO from these countries.

Low Cost

The cost of infrastructure and resources in India is low as compared to the USA, Canada or the UK. Thus the legal services are also cheap. Indian LPO’s offer about 50% lesser costs than the prices of paralegal services in the USA.

Time Zone Advantage

The geographic location of India makes it a suitable destination for LPO. The time zone of India is +5:30 GMT, a US lawyer can submit his work while leaving his office in the evening and find the work-ready on his desk first thing the next morning.

Expertise/availability of well-qualified attorneys

Indian judicial system is well established and recognized around the world. There are reputed law schools in India, educating lawyers renowned around the world.

Communication No Bar

All Indian lawyers study law in the English language. Skilled in English communication. Hence, they can easily communicate with clients from North America, Australia or the UK.

Political and Economic Stability

India is an ideal destination for the smooth functioning of an LPO. Most importantly, it sports a stable democratic government with a stable economy, which is essential for any industry to flourish.


Currently, India has the second-largest population in the world, of about 1.34 Bn. Similarly, there are about 2 Mn people who have studied law in India. Moreover, not everyone who graduates as a lawyer wants to work in the legal profession. Many of them want to work in the industrial sector, such people join LPO and are available whenever required for outsourcing.

Just like many other industries India has huge resources for the legal industry as well which makes it an ideal destination for outsourcing legal services. The top priority of the legal industry around the world is to work smart, fast and cost-effectively and India can cater to these requirements with efficiency.