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Adv. Priya Lohakare

Section 3 Interpretation clause of Indian Evidence Act explain the term Evidence. Evidence includes all the statement which court permits or required to be made before it by witness, in relation to matters of fact under inquiry. Even all documents including electronic records produced for the inspection of a court such documents are called documentary evidence.
Evidence is made before the court for the purpose of proving or disproving as issues under question. Without evidence there can be no proof. Evidence provides a court with Information. Proving facts through the presentation of evidence means convincing the court to accept a particular version of the event.
In both Civil and Criminal proceedings, the law of evidence has a number of purposes. In short, the law of evidence regulates the process of proof. The evidence obtained through unlawful means could not contribute to the maintenance of justice in the future. So the process of proof should be regulated by evidentiary rules and principles in order to achieve accelerated, fair and economic justice.