How government pensioners can submit life certificate online?

The government has prescribed a rule for government pensioners:

To receive a retirement pension, government pensioners will have to submit a Life Certificate or Jeevan Pramaan Patra. However, the process of offline life certificate submission is complicated and time-consuming. Government has provided an online portal for generating and submitting the certificate. Since 2014, 2.6 crore pensioners have used the online platform to submit life certificates.

How to submit life certificate for government pensioners through online mode:

Government has provided a platform that enables pensioners to submit their pensioner certificate online and to do a physical visit.

  1. To obtain the digital certificate, pensioners have to generate a unique Pramaan ID. Pramaan ID for individuals is generated using Aadhaar Number.
  2. An individual can generate his Pramaan ID for the first time by visiting the branch of the pension disbursing agency or by visiting the Local Citizen Service Centre which facilitates Aadhaar transactions.
  3. The pensioner has to provide the following details:
      • Aadhaar Number
      • Mobile Number
      • Pension Payment Order (PPO) Number and
      • Pension Account Number
      • Fingerprints

The Pramaan ID details are sent to the pensioner. Once the documents are successfully verified. The registered mobile number receives details via SMS.

  1. Once generated, individual can submit his Digital Life Certificate digitally through the Jeevan Pramaan Portal. An individual can download a PDF copy of the certificate on the same portal by providing the Jeevan Pramaan ID

    The agency can also access the life certificate from the portal. Pension certificate is also generated using a mobile phone or PC via Umang app.


  1. Accordingly, a doorstep service will be offered by the disbursing agency for Aadhar based verification to the senior citizens who are unable to move and are on bed rest. Moreover, several banks organise Jeevan Pramaan certificate camps for customers.
  2. However, Pramaan ID is not valid for life. As it has an expiry period. Subsequently, the period is specified by the Pension Sanctioning Authority.

  The last date for submission of life certificate for the pensioners:

Aged < 80 years November 1 to November 30
Senior pensioners October 1 to November 30

Although, on submitting the life certificate within the time specified, pension disbursal stops from next month. Moreover, it resumes when you submit the certificate.