Factors to Consider while Hiring a Content Writer


If you look around, you will find that most of the successful and profitable businesses have a well-designed website to showcase the quality of their products or the services they are providing. And the contents on these websites which generate maximum revenue are done by the content writers.

Businesses fail to succeed without necessary platforms which display their services and products. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an excellent method which allows the companies to place themselves at top ranks in the shop window.

With that being said, it generally follows that there are measures that need to be taken care of while hiring a content writer. Listed below are some important factors that you should consider before you judge and hire a writer for a content writers job.


1. Writing Proficiency

Writing proficiency or quality is the skill and efficiency of the writer.  The samples provided by a writer can be used as a measure, or you can also ask them to write a small article about a specific topic. This cuts out the possibility of any fake document.  You can then use these samples to compare and estimate the quality of work.

2. Versatility

To hire a content writer, you must definitely check if he or she is versatile and can deliver the same quality for every chosen topic.  A writer blessed with very good adaptability should always be preferred over those who are not.  A diverse portfolio may attract your attention and give you a general idea about their writing style.

3. SEO fluency

Since SEO is the most essential aspect of modern-day contents, ensure that any probable employee is well informed and fluent in SEO. Make sure that the articles they provide have a higher readability percentage.  Check if the piece can be found through different search engines.

4. The Writer’s Portfolio

Always remember to check the portfolio of a writer before taking the final stand. Portfolios provide you with some key information you needed to know beforehand. For example, the style of the writer, the depth of his articles which proves if he does proper research or not, the flexibility of his articles, etc.

Experienced writers have better portfolios. But that doesn’t mean that he will necessarily offer better work than a novice.  A novice who is passionate about his work can provide really amazing articles at minimum rate.

5. Payment Policy

Writers can make or break your company’s reputation. Therefore, it is always safer to inform about your payment policy beforehand and then maintain it. Tips and guidance may help young aspiring writers to improve and develop their contents.

6. Work Cooperation

It’s really difficult to include a member in your workforce who is not a team player. Working with a non co-operative writer may have a detrimental effect on your company. Since both of you have other responsibilities, you need to make sure that you are communicating well and ready to work in peace.

7. Strategic Deadlines

Freelance writers have to write, edit and revise before finally submitting a content. So, while hiring a content writer you need to be specific about your deadlines. Also, very strict deadlines may result in a compromised quality of the articles. Therefore, you must place your deadlines strategically so that the writers can work with their full potential.

These were some factors you should consider to judge a content writers skills. Try to find your company a writer who is a perfect blend of a technical writer and a storyteller. These articles possess the maximum possibility to engage consumers from all over the globe.