How to Craft a Compelling Bid Proposal

When using the Taxolawgy platform, learning how to craft a compelling bid proposal is essential. A well-written, effective business proposal bid is more likely to attract clients and land you a job quickly. However, beginners and freelancers who often don’t write proposals usually find it a bit challenging. 

A compelling bidding proposal is all about persuading the clients to hire you because of your skill and what you can offer. Therefore, as a freelancer, it’s of great importance to learn how to write a captivating proposal. 

Here are some of the tips you can use to craft an effective one: 

How to Craft a Compelling Bid Proposal
How to Craft a Compelling Bid Proposal

Place your bid early enough 

Bidding on a job before anyone else has a significant impact; it also increases your chance to win the bid. The first bid usually gets more attention and is likely to be the client’s first choice. 

Most of the clients don’t have time to go through every proposal. So even if hundreds of freelancers and writing companies place their bids on a particular project, the owner is less likely to view all the bids. He/she will only go through the first few bids and probably find someone to handle their work. Therefore, becoming the first bidder gives you a chance to make the first impression. 

Carefully read the project details 

Before bidding on a certain project, always read the project details at least twice or thrice. This will help you understand the project well and what the client requires of you. 

However, most writers usually take a hasty look at the project and ignore the other details. This is an unprofessional approach, and obviously, you wouldn’t want to look unprofessional in your work. 

So if you carefully go through all the details and instructions, you will have a better understanding of what the client is looking for and if you can meet the requirements. 

Do some homework first for compelling bid proposal

It’s essential to do some research before bidding on any job. This will help you know the client’s history or the company details such as jobs posted recently, work reviews, feedback from other people, the number of jobs awarded, and the amount paid for the previous jobs.

Such information is crucial since it helps you know the client better and whether he/ she is worthy of your effort. It also helps you bid on a particular gig with confidence and submit your proposal in a way that will instantly attract them. 

Compelling Bid Proposal on value 

In every online writing business, persuasion is more of adding some value. And hence having a great compelling bid proposal is important. Similarly, it is essential to know the proposal writing process. For instance, if your bid doesn’t show how you or the company will add value to the client’s business or website, it’s not a great bid. 

Stating the skills and capabilities won’t necessarily win you the bid. However, adding value to your proposal by explaining to the client how you intend to help them achieve his/her target and makes your proposal successful. 

Remember that every client wants to see the benefit of hiring you; hence you need to make your purpose explicit. 

Proofreading and editing  

Before submitting your proposal, ensure that you thoroughly do not want to submit a effective business proposal with typing errors. Take your time and read it carefully while checking for any typing errors or spelling mistakes.

Most of the clients usually consider flawless proposals, with good grammar. So if you end up submitting a poorly crafted proposal, then you lose your chance of winning the job. 


How you write your proposal bid usually indicates how well you will do the job. Remember that a proposal is like a persuading tool; hence it should be well crafted. 

So if you adhere to these tips of crafting a winning proposal, then there is no doubt that you will write a convincing proposal that will win you more jobs.