How to promote your business or Career Better

If you want your freelance business and career in Taxolawgy to survive and thrive well, then you should know how to promote your business as it is an essential factor. It enables you to showcase your skills, experience and market yourself online making it easy for the client to find you. 

However, most freelancers lack proper marketing skills. The truth is that lack of proper marketing or promotion can negatively affect your business or career. Also, some of the marketing strategies consume a lot of time and might be too costly as well. This can be the most daunting part for every aspiring freelancer out there. 

Fortunately, these tactics will help you market your freelance business or career in a better way: 

promote your business
How to promote your business or Career Better

Promote your business Through Social Media Platforms 

Social media is the best when it comes to marketing your freelance business or career. It allows you to connect with many people across the world at no cost. 

Some of the best social media platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. So if you want to boost your marketing strategy, you can start by taking advantage of the free social media platforms to display your skills and talents. 

However, you should be careful about what you post on your social media page. The contents should always be professional since you want the potential clients to take you seriously.

Understand the online personal branding market for freelance

Before marketing and promoting your freelance market or career, be clear on what you are selling, offering, and target customers. For better results, you can do some research on the target demographic and how to reach the target clients. 

Also, find out their spending habits, what they like and dislike, and the particular industry they cater to. Such information is essential since it helps you understand the market in a better way and contribute to your successful marketing plan. 


As a freelancer, you can always find most of the potential clients through online sources. Therefore, it’s always good to be online, as well. Apart from actively pitching to them, being visible and always available makes you known. This eventually builds some trust and creates more opportunities for you.

If you are an online writer who specializes mainly in advertising and selling products, you can join forums dealing with similar products. You can also write about various brands, especially those on demand. 

Although the prospective clients may not directly contact you, pitching will make them recognize your name easily. This will, therefore, create trust and even enhance your sales and marketing process. 

Promote your business by Blog Writing 

This is another effective way to promote your business and do personal branding online. It’s worth considering, especially if you are new in the freelancing industry. Guest blog writing involves making comments and posting on an established blog that matches your area of specialization. 

When writing for such blogs, you should increase your backlinks that direct the readers to your website. Some readers may be interested in your piece so they can just click and check your website for more information. 

Guest blog writing also gives you a chance to showcase what you know and what you do. It is again one of the ways to market online. By doing so, you may attract some of the readers who might be interested in hiring or working with you. 


Marketing is the key to every successful freelance business or career. So in case, you’re just getting started, then this is what you need to focus on. It’s also one of the best ways of attracting more clients and showcasing your skills and how you can help them to promote business. 

If you implement these tactics accordingly, your business and career will gradually grow, and you may find more prospective clients as well. You will also see a significant increase in your overall freelance income.