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Extensive experience of working in High Court, District Court, Labour and Industrial Court, Family Court, DRT, CGIT, CAT, MAT, Consumer Forums, School and College Tribunal, Due Diligence and Compliance of properties, search report and Mutation.

Phone Number: 9518555856
Skills: Lawyers,Banking law,Business Law,Civil law,Company law,Constitution of india,Consumer protection law,Criminal law,Cyber law,Family law,Insurance law,Labour law
Language: English ,Hindi ,Marathi
Experience: 7
Qualification: LL. M. (Criminology ), LL. B., B. Com.
Location: Nagpur
Bharat Jeswani
Expert Type:
Phone Number: 9822227979
Skills: Forensic Audit
Language: English ,Hindi
Experience: 10
Qualification: CA, CFE, CFA(IFS)
Location: Pune
Reeyansh Varma
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Phone Number: 8380090444
Pricing: 5000
Skills: Audit support,Circulation Audits,Compilation of final accounts as per US GAAP,Food License,GST Service,Partnership to LLP,Patent,Private Limited Company Registration,Tax Audit
Language: English ,Hindi
Experience: 16
Qualification: MBA, CA
Location: Nagpur