India Quarantined: A Misfortune That Became a Fortune

Our entire country is facing lockdown for the last two months and this is how nature has found a way of regaining its lost wealth in this period.
Yes, you may call it a plan, or a surprise from mother earth. After looking at the current situation, one can never say that this lockdown in India was not advantageous. Air pollution decreased after the lockdown, nature is healing after the lockdown. All nature has received from our end was excessive pollution, chopping trees, degrading the quality of nature, and whatnot. After all the misery that we’ve put our planet through, it was almost impossible for us to see the purity of nature again. We never thought that we would witness the clear skyline, visibly pure rivers, and feather flocks together living their life without any fear.

Lockdown in India from the start:

When we try to explain the term pollution, the first thing that pops up in our mind is an unhealthy environment. The environment which is unhygienic for everyone. An environment that has become a source of grave problems around us. When we think about all this, we should admit being the reasons for such great loss.

The 10 most polluted cities in the world are all in Northern India. Many have claimed that New Delhi’s air a bit more polluted than that in other major capitals such as London.

Narendra Modi tweeted on 5th June 2014, which is celebrated as World Environment Day – “World Environment Day- a day to bow to Mother Earth and to reaffirm our pledge to protect the environment, making our planet cleaner and greener”. Though many efforts were being made, this lockdown gave our Mother Earth a chance to revive herself and bring forward a pollution-free environment. And the best part is, some of us are doing a great job by being on nature’s side. For those who are not, they should start thinking about a better future and must support it.

Smoke from vehicles, industries, factories, and even dust is the major reason for pollution of air. All these activities were important for our daily needs. We never thought of shutting down any factory or industry, although they were causing pollution. Livelihoods of labourers were dependent. Vehicles, no doubt are an important part of life for everyone. Some people earn through it, some use it for everyday transportation.

As we all know the lockdown started from 24th March 2020. The moment our government took this decision, a number of activities which were causing pollution were banned. Not for saving the environment but for saving lives. Whatever the reason was, this decision brought a drastic change in our environment. We can proudly say that right now we are living in an environment which is much safer than it was before. 

No Vehicles + No Industries+ No factories+ No Smoke = Pollution-free Environment

Coming towards Delhi:

We feel proud while saying that the Capital of our Nation India is New Delhi. So how can we miss talking about Delhi and the effects of COVID19 upon it? 

According to CNN, India is home to 21 of the world’s 30 cities with the worst air pollution. New Delhi tops that list. 


New Delhi, India, from above on November 1, 2019. Manish Swarup/AP

Source: CNN


Just one week into lockdown, NASA saw India’s air pollution drop to a 20-year low.

New Delhi, India, from above on April 20, 2020. Manish Swarup/AP

Source: NASA


In 2019, CNN described the air pollution in India’s capital as “a toxic, throat-searing cloud of brown smog.”

The India Gate war memorial in New Delhi on October 17, 2019.Anushree Fadnavis/Adnan Abidi/Reuters

Source: CNN

“I look at the sky quite often and enjoy its blueness from my balcony,” a retired English professor told The New York Times of the new clear air.


The India Gate war memorial in New Delhi on April 8, 2020.Anushree Fadnavis/Adnan Abidi/Reuters

Source: The New York Times

I tried to show some glimpse of Delhi before and after lockdown. All of us were waiting for this moment and never thought of looking towards this beautiful scenario ever.

Good things come with a price:

We know this very well, nothing in this world is free of cost. We need to pay something in return, even to smile. This lockdown gave us a lot of good things, and it took away some of it too. “Money” is an important factor that leads our lives. And when we come to know that thing which controls most of the people is being disrupted, how one will react. Please don’t confuse yourself. Of course, our environment and its safety are far important than anything else.

Christopher Wood, Global Head of Equity Strategy at Jefferies, says that Lockdown in countries like India and Indonesia are more disastrous for human welfare and economies since there is no help for small businesses nor are their unemployment benefits.

This prolonged lockdown along with rain and hailstorm in many regions has forced farmers to move towards moneylenders. Shut factories and businesses, suspended flights, stopped trains, and restricted movement of vehicles and people must have cost approx. 7-8 lakh crore to our Indian Economy. Only essential goods and services such as agriculture, mining, utility services, some financial and IT services, and public services were allowed to operate. So we can say 70% of our economic activity has come to standstill.

“While the countrywide shutdown is scheduled to be lifted from April 15, 2020, the risks of prolonged disruption in economic activities exist depending on the intensity of the outbreak,” the credit rating agency said.

Transport, hotel, restaurant, and real estate activities are the ones who are suffering the most during this hard time. 

All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) secretary-general Naveen Gupta said the accumulated losses to truckers during the first 15 days of lockdown were about Rs 35,200 crore given an average Rs 2,200 loss to per truck per day. 

“More than 90 per cent of the about one crore trucks in the country are off roads during the lockdown as truckers with only essential commodities are on the move,” he said. “Even if the lockdown is lifted, it will take at least 2 to 3 months for truckers to limp to some normal scale as we apprehend consumption of non-essential items to remain hit on the account of lack of purchasing power.”

The economic crisis in India is the hottest topic to be discussed. Whether it’s poor or rich, everyone is affected.

We have always learned to be good enough to fight all crises. This situation will have an outcome soon. All we need is patience and support. Don’t let poor fall apart. Don’t exploit them. India is here because we are here. We are here because India is here. Every one of us is dependent upon each other by some or the other way.

All for one! One for all!