10 Business Ideas to Kick Start Your Income in Lockdown

The beginning of this year itself had some random and surprising plans lined up on the previous grounds. Well, that might make sense of why we are still stuck in 2019 while living in 20.

How Covid-19 affected the world

The Covid-19 disease and its upshots had a severe impact on every life form, be it in a good way or bad but the worst it affected are us, humans, and our lifestyle. Our daily routine was disrupted, we were stuck inside with just a hope of a new vaccine or natural elimination of Corona Virus, and most importantly the economy was interrupted.

People with income based on their businesses, and especially the daily wagers were the ones who noticed a drastic downfall. Many were forced to permanently shut their business down, who have no idea from where to initiate now. This pandemic hit everyone on a global scale.

Yet, there were some businesses which somehow had either no effect or very less amount of loss faced. These were mainly online businesses or the ones who were somehow had associated themselves with online services.

Restriction on public movement

Gyms were affected as they were the ones with a high amount of public movement, who then switched to online training sessions; meanwhile, the most thriving business was health care, treating not just the virus affected patients but also the regular diseases and accidents.  

People being stuck in their home, with their loved ones have developed an interest in many household activities. This gave a boon to the sale of gardening tools and cooking utensils. Talking about business, people started with their home run bakery, supplying cakes, cookies, bread and other lip-smacking dishes that are easy to cook and can be freshly served.

New business ideas

Another new business idea amongst the list, which is heated up these days is Pottery and growing & selling of saplings. With day by day number of people being added in the list of artists, as they are quarantined at one place, some have now developed their interest in making sculptures and doing pottery.

In effect to these activities, many have also tried their hands in growing plants, which luckily turned out to be so effective that they finally grew a business out of it, which can also be called a small nursery, at a homegrown level.

Similarly, there are many small business ideas which can be started off with little money on which you can have a shot at.

Handmade laundry:

Learn some DIY skills, maintain proper hygiene and invent your own way to attract customers. Visit a few social media DIY pages and go through some online YouTube lessons. These will help you to come up with your own product. Start selling your own homemade laundry detergents, fabric softener and other similar items.

Be crafty:

Unleash your creativity, with random material in front of you. This opportunity of being stranded can be very productive with learning and crafting new ideas. The Internet has thousands of lessons which can teach you to make wall clocks, wax items and other artefacts.

You can try your hands on waste material which can be recycled into something that can be hung up on a wall or can be placed on an office table. Once you are an expert start a business with it. 

Business Consultant:

Just as you are looking for the ideas to manage your income, there are several other people, whose lives are affected as the workload has taken a huge rise but with slashed salaries.

If you got plenty of ideas and have problem-solving strategies, you can start your own business consultancy. Give people expert guidance; make their effective campaigns, have a smooth way out through which you can guide your clients off their issues.  

Online lesson:

If you are a musician or have any other talent which you can share, start online lessons of it. Well, just as the old clown once said, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. We give you another add on to it, don’t do it for free and don’t let your talent go to waste.

You can start with the publicity of your classes on your own social media platforms, spread the word with a poster of what you will be teaching, what charges you take per session, book a zoom call or even a Whatsapp video call will work and start earning. 

Become a YouTuber:

Follow a simple rule here, keep on adding as many videos as you can and gain more & more subscribers. There is only one way to start earning from YouTube, which is through subscribers. Gain more subscribers, have content that is in trend nowadays or come up with something that has been not yet covered. Keep on adding videos regularly, to keep your subscribers attached to your channel.  

Online Fitness Lessons, Yoga, Calisthenics:

People are tending more towards fitness, since all the workplaces, as well as gyms, are closed. Most of the people don’t actually have access to gym equipment at their place. This could be your chance to teach them Yoga or Calisthenics through online lessons or maybe through your YouTube channel.

Gifts supply:

Remember you are stuck but not the festivals. People will surely celebrate all the festivals coming this year with more zestfulness as they are at home, with family and have a reach to the outer world and products.

Start with gift items; this can be anything, crafts, food, and beverages. Prepare yourself beforehand to the festival and start a sufficient amount of supply ready, for whatever festival is nearby. 

Sell healthcare products:

Making a hand sanitizer is an easy job while making crafty, the designer face mask is way in trend. Many SMEs and MSMEs have emerged with this idea of business. You can reach out to local shop owners, wholesalers to sell your product or you can even directly sell them online.

Doorstep food delivery:

Start with just your kitchen; reach out to thousands around you. Just like a Home-run bakery, you can start with food delivery as well.  Cook the best dishes you know, approach online delivery partners and kick start your business which will surely boon in this pandemic.

Pro tip:

Investing your time in research and development during an economic slowdown can be very helpful for any business startup, even during a period of recession.


Achieve greatness out of a void. These above-mentioned ideas will lead you to something which will help you start earning.  Have your interest lined up and choose anything or many things out of these mentioned businesses.