Merits and Demerits of Outsourcing Freelancers for Business

Of all the tools available out there to help you run your business, the most important could possibly be freelancer sites. The best thing about these sites is that outsourcing freelancers for business, who possess an unlimited level of talent and skills, are always available and are ready to get hired.  Their sole aim is to offer you the best of what they can do.

 The online workers do this at a very reasonable cost that is comfortable even for those starting their businesses. The freelancers can be accessed readily at places like Elance, freelancer, UpWork, Taxolawgy and oDesk among other sites where they gather to get connected with employers after successfully bidding for projects.

As soon as a prospective employer posts a project that could be IT related, on web designing, writing, data entry, administrative or any other, he sits back and waits for the numerous bids.  It’s from the resumes and bids that they receive where clients pick a talented person to work with and then pay an agreed fee.

There are various benefits attributed to outsourcing which include:

Business Stability

Every business person relates with the level of difficulty that is associated maintaining full-time staff especially when business is slow.

At such points they are forced to choose between

Taking on the financial burden of the regular employees in order to retain them when things improve


Release them for probable rehiring when times improve.

The availability of freelancers spares business owners from making such kind of choices, as the sites work on simple logic. Outsourcing freelancers for business is done per project and payment is made only when a task is completed. When you have no work to offer the freelancer will solicit for more elsewhere which is what they love doing.

Fresh Input

As much as you may attempt to keep your business up to date, eventually, your staff will develop a particular way of doing things. This is something that will happen. As they continuously incorporate their ideas, soon they lose individual creativity. They start thinking the same.

By engaging freelancers, entrepreneurs will be bringing in new ideas and fresh concepts into their businesses. This way, you’ll be able to engage the creativity of hundreds of professionals who will in return bring a new perspective and innovation to your products and services.

Value for Money

The amount of time that is wasted by employees during work hours is not in dispute if news items and documentaries are anything to go by. This costs the employer a lot.

But for those offering freelancing services, to them, every minute counts. It’s the amount of work they do. And the faster they manage to do it that will determine how well they live. Hiring a freelancer guarantees efficiency and fast delivery. You’ll be paying for a completed project with full knowledge of exactly what you are paying for.

There are few demerits as well while choosing a freelancer over an employed worker. But that totally depends on your perspective. Some of the businessmen like to keep their employees under continual observation. This is not possible while working with freelancers.


Lack of Physical Connection

When you pick an off-site worker from a reliable site like Taxolawgy you won’t have to deal with every minute contact. This will clearly reduce the tension between the client and the freelancer. It’s a two-way journey of faith where the client believes that the tasks will be delivered on time; while on the other hand, the worker has to trust that payment will come through on time. Luckily when making hourly payments there are available monitoring systems that can give you screenshots showing the time that a freelancer works online and the time it took to complete a particular project.

A lot of Interviewing Options

For an experienced employer, it’s possible to interview as many people as possible until you land on the most appropriate one. You can achieve this by going through the resume, then asking for samples of previous work. After the thorough vetting procedure, you’ll be sure to land on an appropriate freelancer.

Lack of a Personal Relationship

Spending time with an employee in an office setting gives you an opportunity to know them, but exposes you to their temperaments and weaknesses. This is not so with the outsourced online workforce.

Without person to person interaction, your level of respect remains high both ways. Personal problems feature in this working relationship leaving no room for the petty office gossip and the need to belong. Calls, emails and other chat avenues are enough to communicate your instructions resulting in great work.

Where physical appearance is of utmost necessity, Skype is a good platform for face to face chats or video conferencing.

The cost of hiring a new employee particularly one with a form of expertise can be daunting for small business owners.

However, outsourcing freelancers for business from Taxolawgy and other such sites has created a way for the upcoming businesses. They can now compete favourably with the more established ones. This might be an ideal time to engage a freelancer if you’ve never done so.