Debtor & Creditor Management

Every business has a number of suppliers and customers. Keeping a record of the creditors and debtors of business is essential to the success of your business. Management of debtors and creditors will help you get paid faster and prevent bad debts. Taxolawgy Debtor and Creditor Management service will include the following:

  1. Invoicing your customers, and 
  2. Managing and recording supplier invoices to ensure payments are processed in a timely fashion. Our experts will be keeping records and reminders of every item. 

Managing debtors will include:

  • Timely collection of debts
  • Setting credit limits and payment terms
  • Making credit applications and credit checks
  • Enforcing a clear credit policy
  • Considering debtor finance.

Our experts will be maintaining your business for:

  1. Debtors – Accounts Receivables
  2. Creditors – Accounts Payable

Experts Who provide this Service