International Taxation

Every state may have a different tax subject. However, an issue is raised when there is an incidence of tax charged by the two countries on the same property or person. Whether an Indian company looking to expand business overseas or a foreign company that wants to invest in India, you must understand the laws that can affect your business strategy and operations.

We can provide the following services to Foreign Investors exploring to do business in India

  • Setting up capital and advice on tax issues relating to the setting up and operation of the Fund
  • Inbound business structuring.
  • Advice on taxability on Liaison Offices, Branch Offices and Project Offices.
  • Advisory on Investment holding structures.
  • Global Mergers and Acquisitions (‘M&A’) tax and regulatory guidance.
  • Guidance on asset transfers between the Indian and foreign companies.
  • Structuring for cross-border acquisitions
  • Permanent Establishment analysis including guidance on the ways to avoid the exposure
  • Guidance on Head Office charges and other PE tax issues
  • Scrutiny of Royalty and service contracts to determine the taxability by analysing the Indian Income-tax Act, 1961 and the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements
  • Withholding tax issues while dealing with Indian clients
  • Guidance on how to avoid permanent establishment due to the secondment of expatriates.
  • Tax issues relating to the creation of the Association of Persons (‘AOP’).
  • Customs issues on exporting to India.
  • Indirect tax issues in Trading in India.
  • Cooperation in obtaining Special Valuation Bench Order for the Indian subsidiary for import from related parties.
  • Guidance on Inter-Company charges and the direct tax and indirect tax impact on them.
  • Guidance on equalization levy.
  • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS’) impact examination and continuous guidance.
  • Advice on issues relating to TDS on Fee for Professional Services received from Non-Resident, TDS on Royalty Payments, etc.
  • Help in Obtaining Tax Residency Certificates

International Tax Services for Indian Company who wants to expand the business outside India

  • Outbound international business structuring
  • Conceptualising structures for International Tax Planning and Management
  • Guidance on setting up multi-tiered holding structures through tax-efficient jurisdictions.
  • Advice to clients on corporate tax and regulatory matters
  • Helping clients to resolve uncertain tax positions
  • Structuring for cross-border acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property migration
  • Shifting the holding company situated in India
  • Guidance on the utilization of foreign tax credits
  • Global Tax Planning and Management

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