Top challenges of remote working

Remote working is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional working environment. While there are numerous benefits attached to the concept, there are certain challenges for both employees and employers.

Certain studies have mentioned numerous different issues related to remote working. For instance, issues related to communication and collaboration, loneliness, overworking, and interruptions. Here is the list of the most common challenges.

Common challenges and issues faced during remote working


While most people believe that certain interruptions like multiple breaks, office celebrations, and interruptions from colleagues are all avoided. However, other distractions like uninvited guests, household responsibilities, pets, kids, etc. are the other distractions that have come along with remote working. 

To avoid these interruptions you can have physical office space inside your house and treat it as your office. Moreover, you should communicate with your family and friends and train your kids so that they respect your work as you do!


While most reports suggest that remote working can result in better work-life balance, that’s not true for all. Most workers have reported that when their personal and work life is under one roof, it is tough to switch between the two. You can avoid stressing yourself by clearly communicating with the team when you are calling off the day. You can also set reminders to take breaks in between.

Innovation can be influenced by this remote working

Since the remote workspace changes the nature of collaboration; it can also create barriers to creativity and innovation. It is difficult to catch the same vibe and be on the same track while communicating on call.

Updating oneself regularly

Peer learning and training are important aspects of growth.

The same level of learning while working from home is questionable as the office ambiance plays an important role in the same.

Mental Health

Living a life of discrete culture can severely hamper the mental health causing the person to overthink and working alone for hours can be monotonous and boring.

Loss of professionalism

Working alone in the home premises can cause a lack of professionalism. People start becoming reckless and unprofessional.

Consistency in Remote working challenges

When people are allowed to choose their schedule as per their comfort, there are possibilities that they turn lenient and might lack consistency in their work.

Security of important data

Managing the security of a business during remote working is a very critical criterion as employers can work from any place and if the internet connectivity is not safe, it can lead to loss of important data of the company.

Technical glitches

Poor connectivity, server issues, internet outage are nightmares when it comes to Remote working challenges. A simple call and message can become a tedious and complex process if any one of the team members is facing any such technical glitch.

In such a scenario, having a backup plan can keep you at ease. For instance, keep a MIFI along with a WIFI, and have a backup system/computer.

For many corporate remote working is new and hence, proper policies, strategies, and processes can make their human resource more productive and ensure their well-being.