Rights of working women in India

Women’s rights in India in the past have been ignored. But with increasing awareness, India has robust laws for women. It is very important for women to have financial independence and freedom. When women work they have their own identity which is not dependent on other relationships. They can contribute equally to the household. The government has various laws which encourage more women to work. These laws also provide them with a safe working environment. This blog lists the rights of working women in India. 

Law against sexual harassment

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act helps women who face sexual harassment at work. This law states that every company with 10 or more employees should have an Internal Complaints Committee to address complaints about sexual harassment at work.
This Act offers guidelines on initiating action against any sexual misconduct. It also has provisions for organising workshops and awareness programmes on sexual harassment.

Law for Maternity Leave

Even though it is technically illegal, mothers are still discriminated against in the workplace. Women often have leave their jobs when they are expecting. Companies who have paid maternity leaves have higher worker retention rate. Paid maternity leaves are one of the most important women employment rights. The government has made it compulsory for companies to provide benefits to expecting women.

The benefits include:

  1. Paid maternity leaves for 26 weeks.
  2. One month of paid leave for any illness due to pregnancy or miscarriage.
  3. If the company provides pre-natal and post-natal care women will receive a medical bonus of 2500-3500 INR
  4. Maternity benefits have to be provided 48 hours in advance.
  5. If the employee dies and has no legal heir, a nominated successor receives the maternity benefit.

Additionally, under this Act, no corporation can hire you for six weeks after delivery, miscarriage, or medical termination of pregnancy. Also, no one can terminate you during maternity leave. and this is all about the Rights of Working Women in India (Women’s Employment Rights)