How To Setup A Software Company In USA | Learn Registration Process


The software development company in the USA is large as well as strong. The software technology companies in the USA generate roughly more than $240 billion in revenue and a rate of growth of 3.8% annually. Overall, more than half a million people work in the software industry in the United States.

Entrepreneurs can commence a software company in the USA by creating a business strategy, selecting a form of company, scheduling an identity with the government authorities, and getting a certificate of registration. 
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Multiple steps that you might need to take to make the software company in the United States operational are to get a tax Number, obtain business licenses and permits, and protect the property rights of your company. 

This QuickStart concept was prepared to start your software company in the United States of America. These steps ensure that your innovative company is properly planned, certified, and legitimate.

In this respect, the incorporation of a software firm in the USA involves several processes that we have categorized into 4 practical steps to streamline the process.

  • Selecting Corporate structure for the business:

This is going to have consequences about whether and how much you are going to pay taxes. 

Before deciding upon a corporate entity take into account your preferred degree of control over your company, your inclination to be susceptible to legal proceedings, and also the economic position. 

Software development companies in the USA possess the following alternatives to choose from among business entities:


This allows you to quickly obtain investors and lenders for your company as a corporate entity. You have to select a business name and register articles of incorporation with your state. You must also file with the IRS and obtain a tax identity.

Companies file their taxes separately. This arrangement usually does not suit smaller companies.

S corporation:

The S corporation refers to a kind of organization that meets certain criteria of the Internal Revenue Code. The criteria for a corporation with 100 shareholders or less is to be listed as a partnership.


The business form is useful for business owners who want to cover their liabilities but do not have immediate expansion quickly. To incorporate an LLC, you must select a name and file incorporation articles with your state. 

LLC owners pay their income taxes and have to pay self-employment tax on their share of earnings, but are exempted from personal liability in respect of the company’s decisions and actions.

Partnership structure:

The significant benefit of a partnership over a sole proprietor is, as it includes more than one individual, that the responsibility to run a company may be minimized. Owners may, based on their work on behalf of the company, be sued as individuals. 

The negotiation of a written agreement plays a vital role in the completion of partnership formation. If you choose to do business with others to take full advantage of combined skills, you may find this alluring.


This is perhaps the simplest business form and requires minimal documentation. Due to the relative ease of development and the total control it offers, this choice may be appealing to a small company. State licensing is not mandatory for sole proprietors.

  • Register and Setup your software company in the USA | Company’s name with the corresponding office:

The official business name is the name of the person who owns the company after submission of paperwork to establish your corporation. 

Determine the company name and register your companies with that name, also known as the DBA registration. 

Whenever you decide the name of the business other than your own you require a DBA (Doing Business As) registration. A company owner must file DBA documents via state administration or county office to amend this name. the DBA filing requirements are different from state to state.

  • Get taxation ID or EIN:

Receive an EIN or Employer Identification Number or a tax ID from the federal government agency.

Evaluate the government fiscal criteria of your software business in the USA. If your software company has employees it is a requirement to have an employer identification number. 

A software firm in America must register with the appropriate government revenue agency after receiving an EIN. The IRS website will guide an owner to complete these forms online. Review state guides to register and obtain local tax identifications with revenue agencies. 

The EIN also refers to the tax identification number and issued to the company by the US IRS. It’s like the company’s social security number.

In particular, the IRS does not necessitate a tax identification number for sole proprietors; conversely, people could use their social security card number.

  • Set up a business bank account

For the processing of the bank account, you must supply a copy of your articles of incorporation, equity and operating agreements, social security card, and EIN letter from the IRS. Some banks need TIN when there’s no Social Security Number.

Before you correctly register your company in the USA and obtain required licenses and permits, do not run a software business in America.

This can contribute to your failure to secure potential permits and licenses. If you have any questions about the steps necessary to register a business, contact your licensing department. Never guess about forms or data if you’re unaware.

If you do need help starting a software business in the US, users could indeed post their legal needs to CPA’s or agencies specializing in enterprise incorporation.