New Startup Business Opportunities In The USA after COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed the world. Everyone is going haywire due to the uncertainty that has followed this pandemic. Amid all this pandemonium, we are trying to ascertain which startups will have a future in the USA after the pandemic is over. Until scientists develop a vaccine for COVID-19, we will have to change the way we buy and sell.

However uncertain we may be, one thing is clear that the market post-COVID-19 will be very different than what it used to be 10 years ago. This pandemic is going to end into a massive recession. Many people have already lost their jobs, and many companies have filed for bankruptcy.

We did our research and have come up with a list of startups which might have a future in this scenario.

Following are businesses which have high chances of succeeding in the post-COVID-19 scenario-

  1. Automation Companies

The way in which COVID-19 spreads is mostly based on contact. If one comes in contact with someone with COVID-19, they may catch the disease from them. Aspiring entrepreneurs must devise contactless strategies to avoid spreading this disease through contact.

Following are some examples-

    1. Infrared rays driven technology (automatically opening doors). 
    2. Voice operated equipment manufacturers.

2. Voice Operated Services/Products Manufacturers

Wherever there is a frequent need for contact, like elevators, vending machines, biometric attendance system, etc. voice recognition and commands can be leveraged to drive the devices which will completely abolish the need for contact. 

Voice operations are the future of IoT (Internet of things). Smart equipment which respond to voice queries are very much beloved to those who have become dependent on them and those who have recently known about them alike.

3. Healthcare Startups- 

No matter how hard we are hit by recession, healthcare never ceases to boom. Especially during this pandemic, the healthcare sector has risen to important heights across the globe. 

Be it the pharmaceutical industry or physiotherapy industry, all sectors which come under healthcare have seen manifold growth. Manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Kits) and N95 Respirators received major importance during the recent times.

4. Cash Lending Startups

Many people have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy due to the lockdown. This situation has created a shortage of liquid assets in all sectors of the markets in the USA.

In such a scenario, money lending startups will perform extremely well. Lending money for a mortgage has been in business since time eternal. And in the current scenario, they are more than required.

5. Takeaway Restaurants

Food has been and always will continue to be a basic necessity for any living being. While dine-in restaurants carry the risk of spreading COVID-19, takeaway restaurants provide an opportunity to keep it at bay. 

Once a customer receives a parcel, they can discard the outer wrappings and heat the food at 75-degree celsius to kill any known virus or microbe. The risk of transmission of COVID-19 only lies with the packaging, which comes in human contact.

6. Logistic Startups- 

Covid-19 is not going to stop anytime soon. Till it stops, people are going to stay home as much as they can. These circumstances are favourable for the rise of logistic companies. Home delivery orders are going to be on increase.

Newly emerged startups will need to provide home delivery of their products. And for that purpose, they need to have logistical machinery. Here is where the logistic startups will play a role.

7. Ecommerce Startups-

To avoid physical contact with other humans, most citizens of the USA will now prefer to order online and get it home delivered. This trend will give rise to e-commerce startups in the USA.

Ecommerce companies make sure that the customer does not need to go out at all. Which is very much required during these tough times. Ecommerce companies have the potential to provide users with the very much required social distancing and thus have a huge potential in the post-COVID-19 era.

These all were various businesses which have a great potential to get established fast and make speedy progress during the post-COVID-19 period.

How to register a startup in the USA?

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