Best Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social platforms for working professionals, businesses, and recruiters. It has become the best digital way of finding job opportunities. However, like all other social media, users can post various types of content on it.

Have you ever wondered what to post or what is the best content for LinkedIn? Then here are the top 5 content types to post on LinkedIn:

Blog Posts: Informative & Creative

Users can share blog posts on LinkedIn. They can use the native platform for writing and publishing content digitally. Moreover, all you have to do is select the “Write an Article” option on the top of the feed.

Companies can also follow the “Status Update” method. In this, businesses can share links to blogs posted on their website. Furthermore, you can opt for ‘Syndication’, which means republishing a blog posted on a company’s website.

The Best Type of Content- Visual Content

Visual Content has become a more engaging and interactive option than a conventional blog post. The users can share graphics and GIFs or go live from a location. Adding visual elements makes your post catchy and intriguing for other users on the platform. As a result, this will ensure that the users are forced to stop scrolling.

Native Video; How to Post on LinkedIn?

Do not mistake these with the video advertisements that are shared on the platform for rigorous marketing. Because native videos are irrational and non-promotional clips that users share with their network in their feed.

Additionally, adding certain textual elements to this video can enhance its impact on the audience. Moreover, making and sharing short videos would be a clever choice.

Harness the Power of LinkedIn Articles for best type of content

LinkedIn Article is the native microblogging platform on LinkedIn. However, it is not as popular among the marketers on the platform. Actually, this is because many of them have already posted the articles on their website.

Although, there are several advantages of using this feature to create content for LinkedIn. These are:

For educating

To help the readers and other users know more about the subjects that interest them. Moreover, you can introduce your business industry using this feature.

Be a Leader for best types of content creator

Many successful marketers from around the world use this feature to share their thoughts and views.

Brand presence

LinkedIn Articles are effective means of sharing the functioning, process, and operations of your industry. In addition, you can share project updates, launches, etc.

Textual Content for LinkedIn

Users can post their latest achievements, thoughts, quotes, recruitment program, and more by just using textual means. Even though the visual content is more effective, it does consume a lot of time, effort, and funds. However, for making a textual post, you just have to start typing on your smartphone or laptop.


Social media platforms are known to offer a myriad of features and services. Although, networking through LinkedIn is different than others. It is an engaging platform for aspirants looking for jobs and businesses to find suitable candidates. In addition to its global network, LinkedIn allows posting a wide variety of content. This can be for job seekers, recruiters, marketers, etc.

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