When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

Quote by Donald McGannon “Leadership is action, not a position.” A quote that should be practised by every boss/leader for the sake of their employees. A good office environment plays a huge role and has a positive or negative impact on the working capabilities of an employee depending on the energy it staves off. Sometimes the position gives power to a person to dislike someone for no specific reason and to not treat them right.

When you enter a corporate world you have to deal with your seniors in such a manner that it doesn’t affect your corporate life. To build positive office culture, few points should be practised by everyone working as a Team; Trust, Respect for each other, Responsibility and Consideration.

Do you feel left out in your office group? Or feel awkward around your seniors? Here are some points that might be the reason for his/her behaviour towards you.

They might think you are not hardworking.

Your relationship with your Boss matters. It is important to show your capabilities and highlight your hard work. You can do so by coming early to the office and starting your work. Staying late hours to complete your work. In this era of unemployment, it’s important to have strong work ethics to have a bright future in your career. When you are allotted with a certain project, it’s always a “win situation” to complete your project before your deadline. This certainly shows your hard work, punctuality and sincerity towards your work. No boss hates his/her employee who is hardworking and punctual.

You talk behind their back

No matter where you work, there is always an informer who is close to your boss. They will simply tell all the gossip to their boss, and try to have a good image in front of him/ her by doing so. Especially when you work in a Corporate World, there are people trying to achieve higher positions by being a reporter to their boss. They try to have a good corporate life for their bright future by bringing others down. There might be a possibility, you bad mouth your boss. If he/she is informed about it, this will give a bad image about you. This results in your boss disliking you completely. Be careful who you share your office problems with.

You are not able to connect with them

There are bosses who are particular about basic mannerisms and expect them from their employees. As a “Good morning” with a smile is important for them or a “thank you”. These are small opportunities you get to connect with your boss. It’s important to take part in team meetings and give your views. When you are not able to accomplish your task, you ask your boss to guide you. It’s better to ask for guidance than to mess up your work. When you bond with your boss on small occasions it will be easy for them to connect with you. 

You are over-friendly

There lies an invisible barrier between a boss and his employees. Some of them like to keep a distance from their employees, while some mix-up very well with them. If you are too cheerful or too friendly this may bother your boss. When your boss is one serious person and gives preference to work over everything, there are chances he hates cheerful people. It’s important you don’t distract your colleagues with your laugh or jokes. Or try to make important team meetings fun with your jokes. It is better to understand your office culture and settle according to it. 

You are not following rules

In every office culture, there are a certain set of rules which every employee must follow. Like there must be a rule that you can’t have your coffee at your desk and you must be having your coffee at your desk in order not to waste your time. Or there must be a rule you are not allowed to smoke doing working hours. Or a rule that you are not allowed to meet your client outside office or have a friendly relationship with them and you are unaware of these rules. And your boss must be unaware about, you not knowing the rules and your actions give him/her an impression that you are breaking the rules. This may seem like a normal action to you but it’s better to ask someone about basic office rules when you join. 

No reasons at all

And finally when you go through the above points and still not able to relate to them. This simply means your boss doesn’t like you for no reason. Stop beating around the bush and concentrate on your work ethics. Give your best in every work you do. Deal with the fact that his actions towards you have nothing to do with you. If it gets very difficult to work in the office because of your boss then it’s better to confront him/her directly and clear your problems. It’s better to face your problems than to run from them.