Top Reasons for Lawyers to choose Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) over Legal Practice

Most of the law students have dreamt of a career in legal practice. Wherein they can either become an associate in a law firm, or work as a public prosecutor or a defender, or start their own practice. Many of them must have thought of bringing a change in the legal system. Some might have dreamt about joining a military JAG position to practice Military Law. Working in an LPO is a relatively lesser pursued option. LPO can be a better alternative to the legal profession.

LPO has a bright future with the widespread of the internet. A career in LPO has its own perks, so we have listed 9 reasons to choose a future in this upcoming field.

1. It Takes Time to Become an Established Lawyer:

 After graduating from a law school, freshers have to practice under a senior lawyer for some years before establishing their own practice. Many lawyers take about 10-15 years of practice to get established. 

2. Better Working Environment:

LPO’s offer a better workplace than the courts in India. Also, there are fixed working hours which are advantageous compared to the uncertain working hours in the legal profession.

3. Faster Career Growth:

Working in an LPO can give lawyers a faster career growth as compared to the legal profession, which requires a long time for individuals to flourish. In the legal profession, lawyers work as associates for 10-15 years. While an LPO can offer the position of an associate-level post joining, which can be promoted to a team leader in 2-3 years and to a project manager level after 5-7 years of experience.

4. Enhanced Skillset:

Working in an LPO gives you extensive exposure to legal services like drafting, researching, reviewing, and more. Freshly graduated lawyers can gain experience in relevant fields and thus enhance their skillset.

5. Stable Income:

A job in an LPO can give a stable income. The legal profession is very unpredictable as the volume of your income depends upon the number of your clients. In initial years of practice, a lawyer earns a very small amount of money, while an LPO can give a constant source of income.

6. Better Lifestyle:

A stable income brings an improved standard of living with it. A lifestyle void of financial and social strain is much better as compared to constant deadlines and meetings.

7. Lesser Stress:

Working in an LPO can be less stressful than working in a legal profession for various reasons. People in the legal profession have deadlines to meet and are constantly under stress due to it.

8. Develop Organisational Skills:

People working in LPO develop better communication, administrative and leadership skills, which are proven to be helpful in the long run.

9. No Effect of Recession:

When a recession is there, companies fire employees and outsource their work. It is most likely that there will be a rise in outsourcing during the recessions, thus instead of losing jobs, people at LPO are in demand during a recession.

India is a favoured destination for Legal Process Outsourcing from countries like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Apart from legal practice, an LPO can also be a good career option for fresh and experienced lawyers. Working with people around the world gives you global exposure and a better understanding of the legal industry.