Importance of Keeping Your Communication and Payment within Taxolawgy

You can effectively have communication with experts & clients. Even transact within the platform without any difficulties. Hiring and finding jobs on Taxolawgy has become so easy, this is regardless of your location.

Sometimes, you may come across platform users who insist on having conversations or transaction plans outside the platform. You should try as much as possible to avoid this since it may be a scam. 

So to be on the safer side, it’s essential to keep all the communication and payment within the website. These are the importance of doing that:

Well Equipped Messaging System for communication with expert and client

Taxolawgy messaging system has Therefore, the importance of communication within Taxolawgy serves as evidence in case there is a misunderstanding. It also helps in a situation where the client doesn’t want to release the payment.  communication features such as texting, video or audio calls, and sharing important files. This allows smooth and clear communication with experts and clients.

With this system, you can as well develop a group chat. It allows you to brainstorm your ideas, and have a long discussion with the client on regards to the project assigned and how to go about it. 

Therefore, the importance of communication within Taxolawgy serves as evidence in case there is a misunderstanding. It also helps in a situation where the client doesn’t want to release the payment. 

Payment Guarantee 

Taxolawgy has a payment guarantee system. This means that you can’t start working for the client and he/she puts the agreed amount of that particular project in escrow or creates a milestone. 

With this system, you can be guaranteed that the client won’t fail to pay you or disappear with your money upon delivery of the project. This system also has a dispute resolution feature that enables you to claim the return of the payment in case the project doesn’t work out as expected. 

But in case of any complex issue between you and the client, you can always contact Taxolawgy’s support team. They will assist or give you a solution within 24 hours. 

importance of Communication with experts for Prevents Fraud 

Taxolawgy is a safe and secure freelancing platform. It keeps you away from fraud by detecting any form of suspicious behavior among employers. 

However, if you take your communications and payment details outside the platform, then you risk falling into the hands of a fraudster. This is because the system can’t trace such communication with experts & clients or can’t back you up since there is no clear evidence. 

You may end up losing your hard-earned money. So the best way of preventing such cases is to keep your communication and payment within the platform. 

Communication with experts and client creates trust 

Trust is an essential aspect when it comes to building a good working relationship. Sometimes, it takes time for you and the client to start trusting each other. However, you can create trust by keeping everything within the platform. 

Trust is vital for both you and the client. So even if you have no intention of quitting your project, this is still one of the concerns the client always has when assigning you the task. This is because there’s no specific contract that assures the client that you won’t fail him/her unless you work within the platform.  

Also, if the client has communication with experts outside the site, the expert may end up losing them completely. Outside work makes them uncomfortable and may not even trust you. Fortunately, Taxolawgy protects your interests as well as clients. 


As a freelancer, your main goal is to make money, find loyal clients, build some trust, and even retain them. The only way you can achieve this is by keeping all your communication and payment within the website. 

This makes your work easier and even prevents you from various risks such as losing clients or your money. These are some of the importance of keeping everything within Taxolawgy. Subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get more information.